5 Real Scariest Cases Of The Paranormal Caught On Camera: WARNING SCARY CONTENT

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5 real scariest cases of the paranormal Caught on camera from around the world , These 5 cases I’ve featured are all on going hauntings and the cases are all open. From footsteps to door knocking, Poltergeist activity and demonic shadow figures. This paranormal documentary emphasises the dangers of the paranormal and just how easy it is to become one of its victims and how to deal with the aftermath.









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  1. HELLO MY FRIENDS AND WELCOME BACK TO THE CHANNEL. First off I'm sorry I've been away. I'm dealing with a ongoing family issue to do with mental health issues. And if anyone's been through it they'll know it has wide implications on the whole family. I needed to clock out for a bit to get myself in a better head space. Thankyou for all the comments, support and love especially to my loyal subscribers and patreons. This year I have big plans so I have no choice but to put the work in. Which is why I needed this time out. I'm back now and I'm active again. I wish you all happy and mentally healthy life's, because what's success unless your happy right..
    I love you all…The Darkknight Peace

  2. For God's safe GET RID OF JEFFREY THE DOLL! maybe granny won't approve but SHE'S DEAD! just get rid of the damned thing! Why put urself thru hell for a dead woman? It makes no sense whatsoever! I'm sorry but come on man

  3. Dark Knoght if you do get in touch with Lauren please tell her to find a Shaman. I am sure there are Native American tribes near her and they would be more successful in handling Lauren’s issues. The picture her land lord sent her looks to me to be an Indian sitting cross cross legged with their hands on their knees. Yes I believe a Shaman would be her best bet.

  4. Hey Croat I don't know what happened with these people and throat I do believe that people on here are the nut listening to us soul that girl who don't have a doll will you put a cat in a dog why do you open the door you should have not do it know your life turned upside down because you letter entity hints hide your home never you open your door when you hear not like doing never quote I'm from Jamaica

  5. Anytime I see someone walking through their own house at night time with a flash light looking for a ghost makes me think it's fake. Any normal person in a real scary situation would definitely just turn on the light.

  6. Anyone else think the image in the window was a reflection of the landlord while taking the picture? It looks like the top half of someone holding a phone in front of their face to take a pic.

  7. I’m feeling like a hypocrite cuz as I watched and enjoyed, and by enjoyed I mean this scared the crap out of me, but while I watched every last second I’m thinking .. do these people have any idea what they are inviting into their lives for clicks & views… I guess when they’ve all had enough, they’ll get their homes exorcised. They all have poltergeists. Terrifying. The poor animals and didn’t the couple have a kid? Infestation, oppression then possession… not to be played with.

  8. So, the one with the doll (2nd story) could very easily be debunked… what if the camera has a remote and he’s somewhere behind the camera or under the table the camera is on and changing the doll’s position when he moves the came to either side…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. It seriously makes me sick the tiktok BS house on Indian land… ITS NOT THE HOUSE? YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLES BELIEFS SMH DISGUSTING LAUREN? You are ringing the bell you are faking paranormal ALL FOR ATTENTION AND MONEY GREEDY ATTENTION SEEKERS!

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