Man Crash Lands on an Unknown Planet, Turns Out It's Earth 65 Million Years Ago

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When biochemical weapons wipe out most of humanity and make the air unbreathable, a group of engineers must guard the bodies of the sleeping geniuses who one day will bring humanity back.

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  1. This is the type of movie you would get when Steven Spielberg and George Lucas decide to collab as one is the director of Jurassic park and the other the director of Star Wars

  2. Very interesting plot. We have seen earth in its glory many times but seeing Earth, what was it like during times of Dinosaurs was an intelligent story line.

  3. The sad thing about this movie is that even with the most advanced technologies et all, including having spaceships to do intergalatic traveling, healthcare is still NOT affordable then, just like NOW!

  4. The movie was okay, But there's not much scenic views, neither they don't show the dinos as much, 90% is the duo walking through a jungle, the 10% is them falling into traps, tripping over, running from dinos. Movie was OK.

  5. Cosmos sailing spaceships that don’t have collision detection and active auto steering???? When o when shall this tech be implemented????

  6. This is actually a very interesting plot. This means that, potentially, we have cosmic cousins that are at least 65 million years more advanced than us out there in space.

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