From Illegal Street Fights to Pro Muay Thai | Rites of Passage

From Illegal Street Fights to Pro Muay Thai | Rites of Passage
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When Naeem saw the violence around him evolve from fists to weapons, he knew that something had to change. He decided to settle disputes in the ring, not on the streets with weapons. Now, Naeem faces his biggest challenge yet as he aims to prove that street fighters can go toe-to-toe with the professionals.

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  1. That’s weird, boy was enlisted to the military almost around his mid 20’s.
    Isn’t it common to be when boys are at the age of 18 worldwide, or this is just a Thailand tradition???

  2. i tell you this, you combined a tradition martial arts with strict monk like religion virtues and discipline, you have the super weapon. i mean look at Muay Thai, they respect the arts to the highest level, monk discipline, the warrior's humble, that is dangerous for those who challenges them. You never see your own fall dueling with them. And when you are fallen, they bow to you in respect of their God.

  3. ผมต่อยมวยไทยมาจั้งแต่อายุ5ขวบ พ่อให้ฝึกมวยไทยเรียนมวยไทย และต่อยเล๋กๆน้อยๆกับเด็กในละแวกบ้าน แต่มาหยึดต่อยมวยตอนอายุ11ขวบ เพราะถูกต่อยขนปวดหัวปวดตลอดเวลา แม่เลยไม่ให้ต่อยมวยต่อ มวยไทยอันตรายกับเด็กมาก แต่มันคือวิถีของเรา

  4. You need a 2 years later following up video of thier journeys. Right after Naeem got out of military, and Peter after 2 years of professional fight. It would be such a drama.

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