We Rescued an Abused Puppy with a Broken Heart

We Rescued an Abused Puppy with a Broken Heart
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ℹ️ We received a call from local villagers who have witnessed puppies being thrown away under a bridge for quite some time. They have notified the police repeatedly, however, no action has been taken due to “lack of evidence”.

For half a year now, this has been going on, and some people have rescued 4 dogs from this place. We also notified the authorities and we will see if action will be taken. This is where we found Mindy, who was thrown away in a fence-contraption without any food or water. For more information, visit: https://www.pawsquadron.com/dog/mindy/

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  1. Dear God. Is there no end to the dreadful creativity of those who abuse animals. To dump a dog is dreadful enough. But to put it into a small metal prison like this one was beyond belief. Shame on them. I cannot tell you how glad I am that you were able to rescue her before her injuries became even worse than they were. Thank you so much. As for those who write the hateful things to you and about you, they too need to have a long good think about why they feel the need to waste their energy in this way. Instead of writing such rubbish, maybe they could use their spare time to volunteer to help in a rescue centre, which would make it clearer for them how very hard this work is. Or maybe they could do some fund raising for an animal rescue organisation to show how much they really do care about abandoned and abused animals (if of course they really do)? I really don’t care what kind of property you live in my friend. The better it is, the better that is for the animals. I’m sure some would have a lot to say if you lived in a tumbled down old house that was unhygienic and not fit for purpose. I sincerely wish you all well in your wonderful work, and pray you continue to find the strength and resources to keep going in your work. By the way, with regard to a name for this lovely girl, perhaps you would consider the name LAYLA. It means princess. It was also the name of my beloved granddaughter who tragically passed away very suddenly, aged 11 years. She too was beautiful, clever and brought so much joy to all those who met her. She loved animals, and helped me on a number of occasions when caring for abused dogs and rescued cats. If you do allow people from the UK to adopt, I would be more than interested. Please contact me if that could be possible. Sending you all my love, prayers and very best wishes to you all. Teresa. X

  2. Thank you for rescuing these poor puppies, there's alot or abandoned and lost puppies. I can't believe that happened to her Thank you Once again Paw Squadron keep doing what your doing 🙏❤️💗.

  3. Dear paw sqaudron thank you for saving the inasont animal that are abused and left with nothing you bring hope back to the world for no more stray dogs. I love dogs and since I started watching paw sqaudron I did not know how many homeless dogs there were in the world.
    Thank you so much keep up the good work I hope one day there are no stray dogs.

  4. I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel. If you don’t want to take care and love the little souls, don’t get them. Let the real angels 😇 love and show them a good life. Thank you for all you do. Much love ❤️

  5. That is disgusting 😢what that owner did to that beautiful little girl . Putting the baby in a fenced area with no water or food.😢 I just can not understand these creeps that do such terrible things to animals.😢 I would love to meet one of these creeps because I would tie their hands with help and put them in a small tied up fence with no water or food and see how they would like it. I'm quit sure they would be very upset.
    There are places to take puppies or any animals, so you don't have to abuse them. Also, if you don't want puppies, have your female dog fixed so she doesn't get pregnant. WAKE UP IDIOTS AND STOP ABUSING PUPPIES OR OLDER DOGS.😂
    Sandy Morrissey

  6. See I'd make it my mission to go find the owner and put the owner right where you put the dog and leaving stay there I wouldn't let anybody take the owner out of their the owner could die there for all I cared

  7. Who could ever hurt such a darling little puppy like her. Thank you so much for saving her and caring for her. She is beautiful after her bath and a full tummy and now she is playing and loving. Just Beautiful. Maybe Princess would be a good name for her.

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