Unbelievable footage evacuation Serbia | natural disasters caught on camera

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Drone footage shows the extent of the destruction in these areas.
Kosovo’s emergency services rescued several hundred people after severe flooding hit their homes The flood came after heavy rain caused rivers to overflow in the western and northern parts of the country.
Local residents described their situation after the water hit their homes.
“Water poured into the house within 20 minutes. Damage is evident in the kitchen, yard, garage and other homes in the area. The entire first floor was damaged, all household appliances were destroyed
Defense Minister Miloš Vučević stated that Serbian army personnel were on the ground and that all army forces had been placed at the disposal of the affected communities. The Minister of the Interior visited some of the flooded areas.

Serbian police said at least 84 people evacuated their homes due to flooding, including 5 in Novi Pazar, 9 in Shenica, 30 in Prijepol, 24 in Priboi and 16 in Brus. Water pumps and temporary flood protection equipment have been deployed in the affected areas, according to the Interior Ministry.

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