NFL Players That ALMOST DIED On The Field

NFL Players That ALMOST DIED On The Field
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This video is about: NFL Players That ALMOST DIED On The Field
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  1. This makes me incredibly nervous and scared for my son who loves playing football , and hopes to go Pro! It's just a dangerous and violent game that causes soooo much harm and damage to those who play it!

  2. In reality NFL football is about as violent of a sport as you can get. You have guys running full speed into each other and the forces upon impact can be devastating. The NFL has made a lot of rule changes to stop injuries but you can’t stop them completely. In reality even if the NFL went to flag there STILL would be severe injuries since two players colliding can do it. Soccer is a prime example as there are severe injuries in that sport too.

  3. Alex Smith did play again though. Did the injury lead to his LATER retirement? Not a doubt in the world yes. But he fought hard and did get back on the field successfully.

  4. I'll never forget the Knox injury. It was one of those gruesome to watch type of plays. I'd rank that up there with Tiesman, EJ. Henderson & Anderson Silva (MMA) .. as the most gruesome ever.

  5. uh alex smith came back in 2020 – 2021? what do you mean? he won comeback player of the year and made his team get to the playoffs and then retired

  6. I think the worst football injury suffered on the field during the super bowl was Joe theismann when Lawrence Taylor tackled him and sat on his leg which snapped. Taylor was so overwhelmed with emotion that he motioned his arms to a medical staff to get there immediately. They did and they carted him off to the hospital where it was ruled that the tibia and fibula were broken as a result of the tackle by LT. This caused Joe theismann's career to end.

  7. FYI people have gotten severe head injuries and broken bones curling! You play on ice with one shoe that has slippery teflon under it, so obviously falls are very common even at the professional level. You throw 40 lb granite stones down the ice and if you get hit by a stone you are definitely not going to win that battle. Oh yeah, and unlike hockey and football players, we don't have protective padding and most people do not wear head protection so when you fall you really feel it and you get a large bruise for the next couple weeks as a souvenir.

  8. You showed a picture of Zach Miller but didn't even mention his name. Yes, this awful play in 2017 was the cause of NFL changes but, more importantly, this man almost bled out and died then almost lost his leg. He lost his career and I read his leg still causes him problems today.

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