Fatal Vehicle Versus Train Accident in Burlingame

Fatal Vehicle Versus Train Accident in Burlingame
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A train struck a vehicle in Burlingame Thursday afternoon, killing the driver, Caltrain said. Yomara Lopez reports.

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  1. I know NBC Bay Area and Telemundo are the same company, but are you guys too cheap to not send two reporters? One for telemundo, one for NBC? I want my news accent free.

  2. Last year I was stuck on a train because a vehicle was hit by the train in front of the one I was on. It happened in Burlingame also and just like this black vehicle, the only thing identifiable about the car I saw was that it was white.

  3. Lost of life is tragic, how about not being on the train track at all time. Train just don't make a left turn out of nowhere

  4. This is one of the worst intersections for Caltrain. It’s hella short and confusing for first time drivers. I avoid this section at all cost. It’s way safer to drive out an additional 5 minutes

  5. Will at the end it comes down to common sense to stop and let the train pass when you hear the horn 📯 of the train regardless the lack of guardrail or traffic lights. It's just natural selection doing it job weeding out the people who failed to listen for warnings sounds. Remember be patient and get rewarded. Don't stubborn and try to beat the train because your life subscription will expire.

  6. Wild speculation about malfunctioning traffic lights is NOT news and is irresponsible to report as news. In these kind of accidents, it's ALMOST ALWAYS the car driver's fault.

  7. WOW. The train department is responsible for making over pass for cars and pedestrian's. I know it was the same problem in Millbrae some 25 years ago and they finally fix the big broblem 1/2 of the time those OLD lights don't work. 🙏🙏🙏🌹

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