10 SCARY GHOST Videos That Will Give You Nightmares

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10 SCARY GHOST Videos That Will Give You Nightmares – Scary videos, ghosts, poltergeists, paranormal activity, ghost videos, scary TikTok videos, ghosts caught on camera, haunted houses and ghost hunting are in this top 10 list of scary ghost videos. And they are definitely some of the scariest ghost videos on the internet.

In this episode of top 10 scary ghost videos you will see: A ghostly apparition is caught on a security camera, some say there are 2 ghosts in this creepy video, but what do you see? Urban Exploration channel URBEX HILL re-visits the backrooms where he encountered terrifying paranormal activity in a previous scary video and this time something horrifying happens to him. A Japanese man shows evidence of his haunted house and what scary noises that haunt him at night. Ghost hunting and paranormal investigation channel Ghostech Paranormal Investigations visit the haunted Stanley Halls and catch a ghost on camera. A ghost plays tricks on a man inside his haunted home, but is it a real haunting or fake? A family captures terrifying paranormal activity on their CCTV camera. Poltergeist activity is caught on camera at a ghost story gathering with the popular ghost hunting program Most Haunted. A creepy video that was uploaded to the subreddit ghosts shows a CCTV recording of a spirit manifesting, but is it a real ghost caught on video? A mysterious video shows something creepy happen to a woman at a gas station, and as a result, she flees in absolute fear. And finally, Italian ghost hunters PIT – Paranormal Investigation Team visit the historic city of Salem, Massachusetts known for its history of witches. The ghost hunters conduct a paranormal investigation and record a ghost on camera.

Watch More Scary Videos From My Scary Ghost Videos Playlist:
▶️ https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWOhXlr2Q9mP3jjOurZkxr_N1T1jGeWMe


00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Ghosts Caught On Camera
03:22 – Attacked
08:02 – The Wailing Ghost
13:22 – The Ghost Of Stanley Halls
18:28 – Knock Knock
19:42 – Pulled
20:26 – The Invisible Entity
21:53 – The Apparition
22:50 – How Is This Possible?
24:09 – The Peeker


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  1. Isn't Yama Q the same person who poured boiling water on a ghost that was wailing right in front of his house? Seems like ghost is back and wailing at a further distance. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Thermal imaging isn't always going to show a spirit, there are things in this world that will stay mysteries, although it's most likely they are deceased humans, it seems that a traumatic event, such as suicide can cause these spirits to be trapped.

  3. I've watched quite a few of Chris's vids on his channel!! He is a big dude! He was running to see what it was that knocked the box down on the grate! Plus he doesn't have that much fear for him to get yanked backwards with that much force! Had to be a hella malevolent spirit or something! Also I know he has protection always! That spirit is the one that has been trying to keep him outta that abandoned warehouse now the last couple of time's he's tried investing it!
    He knows it's there, but he also doesn't taunt it either!

  4. MJ yet again video clips that surpasses the more popular Channels. I have seen Yama and his problem with the elderly Man that died in his bathroom. The other videos I haven't seen and URBEX HILL video was so fcuking Creepy. Thanks again for excellent footage and look forward to your next video 😱👻🪦⚰️☠️

  5. Συγχαρητήρια Καλή συνέχεια Για το επόμενο Τρομακτικο βιντεο Ανατριχιαστικο Βιντεο 💀👻☠️👹👺👍👍👍

  6. I just wanted to say I love scary videos thank caspersight for that. Thanks for the scary content. And I subed to urbex I think he believes in ghost now!

  7. I know that this probably sounds stupid, but how about try keeping your closet door open so it won't have anything to bang on..? Just a thought…

  8. Hi MJ dear friend how you doing dude,all good?? Thanks for great creepy Video as per normal, you rock! Urbex is really brave dude,wtf he's running like Usain Bold lol 🤣 wishing u great week,stay safe,peace 🙏🏻👍🏻👻😳👹🧙🏻‍♀️😁

  9. Great Clips bro !!! 🏅
    I have trouble believing that energy has vocal cords to set the surrounding air into vibration. Bc,this is how sounds are made. It sounds like a colleague behind him. Too loud !! Ghosttech idk , the shadow looks ok, but could also be after effects🤔🤭 #3 the clouds in the background moves a little,but only the clouds🤔

  10. some good stuff in this one m8, holy shit, YamaQ's video had me shittin my pants WTF was that!? I would have noped right out of that place. Hell, whatever I had in that place would stay, I can buy new stuff, I'd be singing fuck this shit I'm out the whole time.

  11. Look…. can just one of you… just ONE of you top 5 guys please just make your opinion known? I mean I get that you guys say "oh is it real? I don't know you better tell me." To drive people to the comments to pull your numbers up and all that. I do get it, but I bet if one of you were like "this some bullshit. Feelings?" You'd probably get more engagement than anyone else.

  12. You can never learn anything from thes comments. They are just null and void comments like “ this is a good video I got really scared “ and “ oh very creepy “. Doesn’t anyone have anything interesting to say?

  13. Too deadly yours vidéos.. you tear everything up.. du pur frissonnage.. URBEX HILL, it's cool.. best wishes.. 👻👻👻👻👻👿🔥😎👍🏻🇨🇵🇨🇵

  14. The clip with the child she did not slip her right leg was pulled or yanked had she slipped she probably wouldn't have cried she cried because she was yanked.

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