Puppy Was Lifeless Until She Heard Her Rescuers | The Dodo

Puppy Was Lifeless Until She Heard Her Rescuers | The Dodo
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Puppy was so sick she couldn’t move — wait til you see what she does when she hears her rescuers 😭

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  1. So many animals would have died if not for Animal Aid Unlimited, they are a true blessing for so many unfortunate animals in need!

  2. If you want to donate money to help animals, donate to Animal Aid Unlimited. I sent like $50 a few years ago and I got a very personal note from the wonderful woman that started it. Not some canned response that big "charities" send. They really put the money to good use.

  3. Please support Animal Aid. They're amazing people doing great work with wayyyy less resources than what is available here in the US. Yet their spirit is undaunted and they carry on rescuing and helping vulnerable animals.

  4. I love this sweet girl. Thank you so much for saving and loving her! She looks super cute and I hope she gets a loving forever family. She deserves a great life.

  5. Oh my goodness, I have tears of gratitude for these amazing people who are so kind, gentle and generous to these abandoned animals. We have adopted several rescued dogs and are eternally thankful for the opportunity to keep loving and caring for them. Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

  6. Quel bonheur de voire ce petit trésor retrouvé la santé et la joie de vivre après avoir été secouru par cette personne au grand coeur comment peut on faire souffrir un animal avec tout l'amour qu'il nous donne longue vie à lui plein de câlins d'amour de caresses ❤❤❤

  7. Shout out to the person who told the resquers where the stray puppy was so they could find her 👍😁 and of course to the rescuers! ❤️😊

  8. simple equipment but totally educated and committed. these people have heart and education and take action. absolute rolemodels ! most of these dogs they rescue would be euthanized in many first world countries. they give them a second live. so great !

  9. Love is the best healer. And thank God at least some humans have it. That was a heartwarming rescue ♥️ and thank you so much 🙏. Bless each and every one of you for the beautiful work you do 😍

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