House of the Dragon – 1×5 We Light the Way – Group Reaction

House of the Dragon - 1x5 We Light the Way - Group Reaction
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  1. Yall ever hear of or see a little known anime called Rising of The Sheild Hero? Yeah the princess claims the hero did things to her even though he didn't. Who is to say if Sir Criston said no what she would've done to him

  2. The horse bucked because she scared it herself. She caused her ownn downfall. Like who reaches for their bow from such close quarters to the enemy? Daemon could've easily cut her with a blade before she even had an arrow knocked.

  3. The King’s first fuck up was to listen to Otto and over react to Daemon’s supposed speech about the baby. You don’t let people get in between your family and you.

  4. Did you guys forget that Alicent kept her flirting with the King a secret too. That lie brought on more consequences than Rhaenyra sleeping with Crispin. 🙄🙄

  5. Why would Rhaenyra tell a person who lied to her first, anything about sleeping with Cole. That would disqualify her from the Throne and put Cole in danger

  6. They did a great job of making no one likable really…aside from Laena and Lyonel…Alicent hasn't done much to offend, but her "anger" is confusing and just seems petulant…she wants honesty when she and her father were being deceitful the whole time…she was prowling (unwillingly but willingly) with her friend's Father all the while siphoning information from her and now we are supposed to believe in her need transparency from Rhaenyra…? Also the Uncle/Niece ish is revolting….but I get this is what fans are into for this property as we are told this was "normal" for times reflective of this, but as part of entertainment the incest/pedophilia and all is gross…Game of Thrones was fun to rewatch…I don't think I'll be rewatching this show

  7. It's so cringey that it's become fashionable for feminists to go out of their way to show off their contraceptive patch. Grow up, you aren't impressing anybody, everyone has sex lmao.

  8. Okay, this is why Marketa should always be there to watch the episodes. Her analysis of Ser Criston was a hundred percent spot on. Ser Joffrey didn’t mean what he said as a threat but Criston took it as a threat to both himself and Rhaenyra as well as an insult to his honor — or what remained of his honor.

    Also, despite everything, I think he still loves Rhaenyra, at least enough not to see her exposed and disgraced. So, if he takes Joffrey and himself out, there are no more secrets left to threaten her.

  9. Man wtf
    How are people defending Criston soo much
    I thought he will be hated a lot in this episode and it turns out he is loved more
    Is it because the actor is a pretty boy?

  10. Rhaenyra did not tell the truth at all. She said too Alicent that she is still pure (holding her chastity and all that) and said it on the promise of her dead mother .
    There is no reason Rhaenyra should lie to Alicent if she considered her that good a friend . It was pretty clear Rhaenyra was plotting her rise against Alicent's son.. , trying to keep her in the dark,.. thinking she would believe her like the meek person Alicent had been up until this point.

  11. I love how they make fun of Jason being such a regular name in this series. Just wait until they meet the Tullys of this era in a few seasons. 😂

  12. It seems kind of like being hypocritical to say that because Christian was male that he had a decision about getting it on with essentially and all powerful boss. Where you know if the situation was a male prince with a female chamber maid it would be harrassment or assault to take advantage of his place and force a subordinate into a physical relationship.

  13. People using the "he could have just said no" argument are implicit in a double standard. If the roles were reversed and it were a man in a position of power putting a woman that works under him in that position then people would be frothing at the mouth. But since it's happening to a dude, people treat it like a joke.

  14. Alicent wore blues and greens but softer shades, then when married war more red and black but still blues as well. Her going in a hightower green dress was a statement that she's not going to be easy to deal with anymore.

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