Dog Found In The Middle Of The Road Smiles Now | The Dodo Faith = Restored

Dog Found In The Middle Of The Road Smiles Now | The Dodo Faith = Restored
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Dog rescued from middle of the road thanks her rescuers with the cutest smile 😊

Special thanks to Cats of San Bernardino. You can check out their website, donate here:

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  1. Thank ya'll so so much fo= rescuing this precious fur baby and showing her lots of love and being good to her she's living it up now so I say spoil,spoil,spoil her like it should be and ya can't help but fall in love with that doggie smile she gives you

  2. She is just awesome, I love that she didn't run away when she realised someone was going to help her. She clung on for dear life, at the vet and in the car. Now she is living her best life. Thanks to rescuers and her foster. Love that she smiles at people. Just adorableπŸ™πŸ½πŸ’œπŸ₯°

  3. Dog lover for life ..My wife and I have three and they are our best friends. Thanks to you ladies for taking the time to help out an injured puppy and giving them a home for life

  4. Thanks for being kind and compassionate rescuers. I wish there were motor vehicle laws that would make it mandatory for motorists who strike an animal on the road – immediately stop and report it.

  5. The fact that the person that hit her didn't even stop says alot People are so selfish I saw a lot of this when I worked in an animal shelter. I once had a stray cat follow me down the street when I was walking on the sidewalk and I picked it up and I looked on its collar and I found a number and I called the phone number and a gentleman answered and I asked him if he lost his cat and he told me that he was out of town and I asked him did he want me to hold the cat for him until he got back in town and he told me no that he didn't care about the animal

  6. Questo cagnolino e un amore ❀️ ride.
    Persone come voi dovrebbe essere premiate in pubblico per fare capire che gli animali vanno protetti poi se da chi soccorsi vengono anche adottati meglio ma almeno fermarsi e aiutarli a superare il momento piΓΉ duro della loro vita buona vitaβ€οΈπŸžπŸ‘

  7. Whoever left that sweet, poor pup in the road..has a front row seat in HELL!!
    tiny Satan always loses and the eternal lake of πŸ”₯ is ETERNAL and the snakes that harm and neglect others…GUESS WHAT?

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