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Hey, witches can be creepy right? Well, enjoy this 3+ hour compilation of allegedly true scary witch stories!

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  1. I rolled my eyes at the description of the "witches", stereotypical witches don't exist. You're experiencing something else, because us people who do practice Witchcraft aren't some hob goblin evil spirits. But these are fun stories either way. I love your voice and your channel. Some things I believe and some I just roll my eyes at and laugh. It's just great. Thanks for another great vid ,time for the next one.

  2. This episode was so satisfyingly creepy! You included some of my favorite witch stories from past episodes too!! Keep up the amazing content darkness!!

  3. Hello, Darkness 🙂. The name Sergio im pretty sure is spanish. The g makes a h sound. So it sounds like "sea-er-he-o". Just trying to help.

  4. Hope you're feeling better, Sending healing vibes!Nothing worse then changing diapers while being sick to your stomach! 🙃
    Any time I have food poisoning or have a stomach bug…
    The sick taste of the food
    I ate prior to being sick… sticks with me for life, and I can never enjoy it again.
    I hope you aren't the same way because tilapia is always my favorite on a menu!

  5. Hope your feeling better soon love the stories as always.

    Hey a quick question for you. I recently started working with the public in person and have had quite a few people tell me I need to be either on the radio or on the internet as a speaker.
    How was it that you got started narrating stories online? Do you have any tips for someone who is interested in trying Thier hand as a YouTube speaker or narrator?

  6. My dad died in a car crash on Riverdale Rd, not in Brighton CO but Thornton CO (south side) at 104th. His car flipped end over end several times. I can't help but wonder what my dad's soul did when it left his body, like was he confused since it happened so fast? It is a very strange road and very twisty.

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