He was dumped outside a pet store. Then he met the perfect man.

He was dumped outside a pet store. Then he met the perfect man.
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He was dumped outside a pet store. Then he met the perfect man.

Check out Sinatra’s story: https://www.instagram.com/sinatranfrank/
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  1. Thank you for being a great dad and best friend to Sinatra. You two shared 12+ wonderful years together. He is smiling and wagging his tail down to you!

  2. Animals need more people like you. May you find comfort and peace in your memories of your wonderful friend and the beautiful life you gifted him with. Sending you hugs and ❤️🫶🏻❤

  3. I am truly sorry for the loss of your best friend – you have done well with Sinatra and the joy you two had together was priceless. I hope in the future that you will find another friend – he/she will not replace Sinatra, but you can both still show and receive love for each other.

  4. I lost my 15 years old black Labby "Cara" on 25.8.2022 She was my sweetheart…
    Masha, my Miorotic and I, we miss "Cara" so much…
    It`s so painfull to loose a real friend! – But she is all the time with us… –
    Her grave is in the garden; every day I bring to her one red Rose.

    Cara was a misstreated dog from hungaria. She was seven years old, when she came to germany. She was for seven long years on a chain…
    But than she beginns a new life! With a lot of friends! Long walks in the woods; I have my house in the country, every day fresh meat, Fish, Fruits etc. and lots of love, lots of love …

    … now, I cry again.

  5. We had a rescue dog, his name was Tyson we didn't pic it.such a big part of our lives. He lived for fifteen years prob seventeen, fifteen with us. He got very ill very quickly so we did what was right for him… He died in our arms…it's not the beginning it's not the end it's what's in-between.thanks for your post made me think of ty still miss him

  6. Aw what a great dog. Thank you for taking a chance on him and giving him a great life. The day my boy Jasper passed, a friend posted a picture of a rainbow. We had just gotten back from the vets office after he passed. I knew that came from him. I knew that was about him. Best dog I ever had. He was a pit bull too. ❤️

  7. He had the best life with you. I understand this bond, I knew my girl the second I saw her. She was my right hand girl through so much.

  8. He won't be crossing the rainbow without you. He'll be waiting at a huge valley where all pets go to wait for their humans. Then one day, while they're all playing and running around, they'll stop, when they hear someone coming. Then one of them breaks from the group and runs to meet his person. That will be when you and Sinatra will meet again and hug and roll around on the grass. Then, together, you will cross the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven and you'll never be apart again . You'll see . There's a very nice video about the Bridge where all of it is explained in a beautiful poem . Sinatra is a beautiful boy. He really showed you the rainbow that day, because he knew. God bless him and you . Thanks for the wonderful video .

  9. I couldn't watch all of this…
    my first Dog, as an adult, Bud, died when he was 15. I had him for 14 years. I have 2 more dogs now, (it took me over 2 years to adopt another little fella), but I still choke up when I see pix of Bud. He WAS my bud…I was at the tail end of a nasty divorce, and Bud helped me keep my sanity. My two adult Sons say I spoil my furry kids more than my human kids!

  10. You are an amazing soul and you gave Sinatra the gift of love and hope and fun and life. And Sinatra did the same for you. It's never easy saying "See you at the Rainbow Bridge in due time." Please be gentle with yourself. Sinatra knew. Just look at him. He knew he was loved and he knew YOU knew he loved you. I am so sorry for your loss.

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