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  1. Some of these animals should have an eye kept on them for about a month or 2.

    If they were born/raised in captivity, they could need some assistance while they adjusted to wild life itself.

  2. Not too sure about those two baby penguins, released alone.
    They’ll just be dinner by other sea predators in a few mins.
    Should have been released where there are colonies of same species.

  3. Its so very good but i had a doubt will they survive for long coz i saw a video of a Falcon bird they are trying to free but it actually dont know how to fly though it can it has fear they lost the connection with nature and couldn't live. I hope they learn soon and live happily.

  4. it was all good up till that guy bought the birds and set them free, they where born in captivity, they where not wild birds, its going to disrupt the ecosystem of that area

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