The Biggest Tree in North America

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Surprisingly, we didn’t get banned from the Plaza during or after filming. So thanks to the authorities for that.

In this episode of CPBBD we examine the largest Taxodium mucronatum in existence, the famous “El Arbol Del Tule” of Oaxaca State, Mexico (tragically this area is also home to a church, which was built on top of an indigenous temple as a means of suppressing the native people).

This is easily one of the biggest (stoutest) trees in North America, if not the world. a relative of redwoods, this beast produces numerous furrows and fissures in the undulating bark of its circumference.


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About the Author: Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't


  1. Beautiful tree! Thank you for sharing. I would love to see this in person. I appreciate your in-depth reviews and humorous commentary. Keep it going! I believe this tree has the largest circumference however, largest by volume is Sequoiadendron giganteum. All beautiful all noteworthy!

  2. That Montezuma Cypress is Massive! I live in Santa Cruz, CA and I see a LOT of big trees… Bay trees, Oaks and Eucalyptus nearby. The Eucs are getting enormous here…

  3. First timer here. All praise the A.I. for inserting you into my feed. I was shocked when I heard profanity mixed with churchbells because I thought that only I was that rude! Instant sub. I wish you were my botany professor in school. Not to get all spiritual and [—-] {how ewetoob renders the word in the CC} but did you get a sense of the temporal weight of the beast? When I was in Muir woods I could FEEL the age of the trees, and when I drove through the clouds (on a [——] motorcycle) in the Wind River Valley among the pre-cambrian rocks I felt an overwhelming sense of the weight of time emanating from the rocks. I think you kinda answered that question around…. 4:17
    Big thanks for the tip on tannins. I think that people self-medicate with coffee and tea and other high tannin condiments to try to preserve themselves against a world that wants to eat us.

  4. Yeah that tree probably probably weighs 632,000 KGs, not tonnes lol.
    I took down a 'big' cypress in central TX that had unfortunately died. It weighed 70,000 lbs and was probably 1/20th this size. So that adds up to me…
    Also that plaque suggests it is 816,000 M3 in volume, which is practically the volume of the empire state building…
    Maybe they use commas and periods differently so everything is 1000x less.

  5. Going to wa-ha-ka here in November. Looking forward to just eating and smiling but now I have one more thing to go do… thank you bud!

  6. Incredible! Can you please come to the Pinelands of New Jersey…Please. The plants here are incredible. Bunch of rare orchids. Had a bunch of wildfires this summer too. I've never seen so many seedlings in my life on a forest floor.

  7. Just learned of this youtube channel from a newscast in Phoenix, AZ so just had to check out. Yeah, Joey has a mouth on him, but it's still an educational and entertaining show. I like the church bells by the way sticking out tongue

  8. Love that you explained the tree is mostly deadwood inside(other than that outside layer) and related it to a house/mansion; I'm hoping some with wisdom put it together seeing as ancient civilizations had apparently hewn out "temples" in the sides of cliffs/mountains in many different deserts(some much more impressive and possibly inexplicable in comparison to others).

  9. You are correct sir. My cousin Sal, got hammered, then banged, and was subsequently knifed beneath that big beautiful bastard. I went there on the 10th anniversary of Sal's death (God rest his soul) and was sold some bunk Ac*d beneath that very same tree.

  10. Those bells remind me of my first trip to Amsterdam, bells rang every hour and half hour. All night. And all day. Luckily you can stay out in the coffee shop until it's late 😃.
    I'd love to plant those seeds and grow some bonsais. There are species of ficus banyan trees that take up more space but their trunks aren't that big.
    That sign said not to cut branches off tree. I speak Spanish.

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