Thousands of People Trapped → Death Valley (USA) & South Korea

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Thousands of People Trapped → Death Valley (USA) & South Korea
This summer, Europe faced temperatures unprecedented in the past two centuries. The unbearable heat for weeks claimed many lives and turned blooming areas into a burning hell.

This and more in this episode of Breaking News.

The national meteorological service Météo-France called July 2022 the second driest month on record in France. The entire month saw 84 percent less rainfall than the average of previous years.
The situation forced authorities to impose restrictions on water consumption.
Sixty-two departments have declared the highest level of danger in which water is only allowed to be used if absolutely necessary.

Some counties have banned watering lawns with hoses, washing windows and cars, and filling decorative
ponds and children’s pools.

In Nevada, lawns are being removed en masse from parks and replaced with artificial turf due to water shortages.

Water is of paramount importance to human life and health.
An acute shortage of clean drinking water has already put millions of people on the brink of survival. This is despite the fact that mankind has the technology to provide clean drinking water to all without difficulty even now.

And at the same time, the world is suffering from catastrophic downpours and floods.

The hottest and driest place on earth, Death Valley National Park has been closed due to record flooding.
The mudslide brought debris and uprooted trees into the valley, flooded hotels, and made local roads impassable.
Dozens of cars were covered with sand and debris. About a thousand people were held hostage, unable to get out of the park.

SOUTH KOREA, record rains have hit the capital, Seoul, causing flooding in various parts of the metropolis. Unfortunately, there are dead and missing.
Heavy rains turned streets into rivers, flooding subway stations and paralyzing traffic.

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