Robert Lee Yates Jr’s Reign Of Terror | World’s Most Evil Killers | Real Crime

Robert Lee Yates Jr’s Reign Of Terror | World’s Most Evil Killers | Real Crime
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A profile of the serial killer Robert Lee Yates, who narrowly avoided the death penalty for killing at least 13 sex workers during a horrific reign of terror. A profile of the serial killer Robert Lee Yates, who narrowly avoided the death penalty for killing at least 13 sex workers during a horrific reign of terror.

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From “World’s Most Evil Killers”

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  1. Keystone cops' bungling yet again prolongs the freedom of the culprit thus increasing his victim count. Couldn't even get the distinctive car named correctly on their reports. I'm not saying I could do any better but I didn't choose to be a cop. Surely if a job is worth doing it's worth doing well, especially when there's lives at stake. WTG police serving and protecting, albeit late and badly as per usual


    And the narrator said Spokane correctly! 😂

    I was a junior in high school when that bastard was caught. Absolute disgusting trash human. My friend back then knew someone who worked on Sprague’s Skid Row that he murdered… 🥺 Just terrible.

  3. The female psychologist is in many of these episodes, and her only answer ever is "control". It's like she only had one class about criminal psychology.

  4. Been to Spokane while visiting a friend back around the early 2000. Went through the downtown and it was a shell of its former self. Boarded up businesses everywhere. Only viable business I saw was the hardware store, army surplus and a hamburger joint. Really depressing

  5. Instead of expressing surprise that the killer "looks like an average guy" almost every crime video, I think by now it's time to drop the pretend surprise in the 98% cases where they dont resemble television killer-perverts.

  6. I appreciate this isn’t a nice question but how do they know that he had his way with his victims before he killed them? Did he confess this etc?

  7. Born and raised in Spokane. Moved to Florida. You'd think the people would be crazier because you know "florida man" stories and all. I can say Spokane is a shithole, meth capital of the US. Moved and never looked back.

  8. Amerikkkans are so simple

    Your look, your title, your status
    Some think you could do no wrong
    We're all human

    R. I. P.
    To the individuals who were murdered

  9. Jesus… the “experts” in this documentary are insufferable. Every time that one twat speaks, it’s “He was arrogant and narcissistic blah blah blah”… with her pompous British accent. She says this several times and it’s quite clear she’s jealous of the killer and cannot hide her bias.

    Most of these newer documentaries from post 2000 feature these stupid women who cannot remain objective and keep their opinions to themselves.

  10. It's hilarious how you've just created a YouTube channel titled "real crime" and just copied documentaries that are years old (not new). And gave the people the presumption that these are all your doings. Incredible with 1+ million subscribers. But your actually just a fraud

  11. 3 minutes into the documentary, and already foolishness ensues. People trying to say he was dressed well, he spoke well, he was in the military, he lived in a nice neighborhood. These are all stereotypical judgments we place on humans. How did that work out for you catching this serial killer? How many murders of the 14 killings did you prevent? Zero. So putting someone in a box and trying to label them as good or bad based on their appearance and social status is how you tell a serial killer huh? No wonder it takes 20 plus years to catch them. Please must be looking for the Shady looking type that lives in a low class neighborhood, doesn't have the money to shop for the better clothes, and someone who hasn't been very successful in life. Now we know what to look for in serial killers! I grew up in the South where judgment was everything. Everything is black and white with no Shades of Gray. Absolutely hilarious, the way we stereotype and judge.

  12. He had 3 nice Daughters that cry to have a Serial Killer as Father…and they think not to have Baby’s because of the evil DNA …
    Like the Daughter of Hermann Göring.
    Very very sad…
    RIP all Victims

  13. Sometimes I get the creeps watching the male investigators… sometimes when they lick their lips… it’s almost as though they are vicariously enjoying the crimes- review cold cases and old solved cases; patterns are obvious and actually, quite haunting. captured thoughts can be tormenting in a box

  14. Hypocritical society claims he has no salvation. Dude, if it wasn't God's grace y'all would be terrifying cannibal beings.
    The world simply keeps on going because of Christ's grace.
    A serial killer in the Bible became a man of God, if you doubt it just read about King Menashe.

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