Top 10 UFOs Caught On Camera By WatchMojo – Captain Steve Reaction Video

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Top 10 UFOs Caught On Camera By WatchMojo – Captain Steve Reaction Video – Are we alone in the universe? This evidence suggests we aren’t! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most famous, argued about, and unusual videos of unidentified flying objects. Our countdown includes STS-48 Incident, Phoenix Lights, Aguadilla Airport Incident, and more! Have YOU ever seen a UFO? Let us know in the comments! #UFO #UFOSightings #reactionvideo

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  1. You should research Project Bluebeam, where some declassified documents showed that the security forces did a thought experiment about using a fake alien invasion to impose martial law and lock people down in order to take control. It's probably true because it was labelled a conspiracy theory by ll thesame "fact checkers" and wikis that labelled the Hunter Bidon laptop Russion disinformation and a certain drug (sounds like I've a mecked in) a horse dewormer. It wouldn't surprise me if they still have a version of the project on the backburner for emergency use, so they keep it alive by releasing fake alien videos from time or recirculating the old ones. Some of the videos are quite old, but they still, even recently, get recirculated on various new channels. I always wonder why they do that.

    Logically, if aliens travelled from another star system, they'd be travelling at the speed of light, so you'd never see them.
    Basically, if it flies at the speed of a plane, it's a plane. If it moves at wind-speed, it's a balloon.

    No.3 has been debunked as a goose or swan by using the HUD info to calculate the object size, speed and height. It looks like it's travelling fast, but it isn't because it's closer to the aircraft than the sea, so you see the sea moving relatively fast behind it. Some of the others are ordinary aircraft shown under infra red, which shows their heat signatures rather than the shape of the objects.The one that supposedly spewed out some sort of ejection is just spewing heat, like any aircraft would, and if they showed it with a normal camera (not IR), you'd see exactly what it was.

    Also, those videos are all pretty old. Now that we have decent cameras and other better technology, why aren't we seeing more other than a few bad attempts at CGI?

    We all want to believe, but nobody has ever shown any convicing evidence.

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