Mikey Reacts To Fails, Dying Inside, Crash Destination F Compilations EP 21

Mikey Reacts To Fails, Dying Inside, Crash Destination F Compilations EP 21
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Mikey Reacts To Fail Army, Dying Inside, Near Death Car Crash & Road Rage EP 21 ( Let’s Watch ) taking a look at Funny Fails Cringe and memes People in amazing Bad Driving Road Rage experiences People Dying Inside clips of YouTube and often getting instant Karma! Incredible Fails gone wrong destination F Car Crash & Road Rage Compilations at The MegaVerse with instant Karma, Road Rage, Car Crash on Dashboard Camera accidents and other Car Crash & Road Rage Compilation videos where people survive and live to tell the tale by the skin of their teeth! MikeyMegaMega reacts!

The Megaverse is the place for everything Mikey when I’m not doing Art! Great to have you! So Let’s Watch along as we react to the latest trailers, memes, cringe, compilations and all sorts of other videos, so let’s get lost down the rabbit hole of all the amazing crazy content that can be found on YouTube and the rest of the internet!

Recorded Live over at https://www.twitch.tv/mikeymegamega come hang out and don’t forget to follow me on twitter! https://twitter.com/megamegaverse

The original video we watched can be found here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaCvvCYn3L0

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  1. also those women with the snake are absolutely idiots it honestly pisses me off 💀 they’re just flinging there dog around while it gets choked out are you kidding me? Then they hit on the dog on accident try to hit the snake

  2. That screaming was from the girl who ran back in. Normal response to someone being shot at especially someone you know for no apparent reason. Feel bad for the poor girls some people are just really messed up.
    Where I live there was recently a person gunned down and for absolutely no reason they weren’t even from this area. Just stupid people who managed to get a hold on weapons and that’s a scary thought you can just be killed on the spot if someone doesn’t like you or you were just there at the wrong time.

  3. 2:41 Um NO Mikey and sorry don't think i was here for this stream buut if you look closly at the beginning of that clip you would see that there was a second woman that came out of the apartment after the first lady left and After witnessing her friend getting shot at she ran back in screaming.

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