6 dead, multiple people injured in Windsor Hills crash

6 dead, multiple people injured in Windsor Hills crash
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Police and fire responded to a violent, fiery crash at a Windsor Hills gas station that left six people dead and multiple people injured. Gil Leyva reports for the KTLA 5 News at 3 on Aug. 4, 2022.

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  2. The nurse who caused this crash escaped with a bad wrist, she did appear in court in a wheelchair but it was portrayed she was alright. No drink or drugs were found in her system, her defence are going down the “mental health” route,. Same old chestnut. She’s a travelling nurse with prior car crashes on file.

  3. It’s disgusting that some people exploit this tragedy for partisan political purposes. Every civilized person deplores this and expects the person responsible to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  4. "An unborn baby has died" 😔😔😔 We all agree that is terrible news.

    But when it comes to abortion – Democrats refuse to acknowledge the life of an unborn baby.

    Total Hypocrisy and Pure Evil. 😔😔😔 As usual – the Democrat Party is on the WRONG side of history.

  5. No soul needs another reason to see and fully understand that the left, and Democrats, are beyond insane… they want unlimited and unrestrained abortion (as much as humanly possible) but yet again someone kills a pregnant woman and they count it as two murders???? Again Democrats are crimannly INSANE.

    'L.A. nurse who slammed speeding Mercedes into cars, killing 5, arrested by CHP' >>> Nicole Linton, 37 is likely to be charged with killing the unborn child as well as the five others.

  6. They call the unborn fetus a human life, charging someone with its murder, yet abortion doctors murder millions of babies each year in this country. Reap what is sown america. Accept hypocrisy for what it is.

  7. According to an article I just read on this accident. While police are still investigating if drugs or alcohol were involved, a friend of Linton told KTLA, “She was drinking and she was not aware it was a red light because she shot straight through.”

  8. She did that on purpose, she was just arguing with her boyfriend and probably wanted to kill herself so she decided to go full speed ahead to her demise but she didn’t die.


  10. Time to pass a law to cap the speed of ALL vehicles on a public road to 65MPH. Sure you can kill someone at 65MPH too, but at least it lowers the chances compared to driving @ 100MPH.

  11. The driver of the Mercedes had fight with her boyfriend. Went to friends house and got behind the wheel after getting drunk. Ran red light slamming into a car who stopped in front of pink car who stopped to wait for car in front of them to turn into gas station on right side. She survived but is in critical condition

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