5 Natural Disasters Caught On CCTV Cameras

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5 Natural Disasters Caught On CCTV Cameras
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  1. For the one with the mudslide, I kinda like to think that Mother Nature was going on a shopping spree, just picking up everything she sees and saying "mine, mine, mine" lol

  2. In the bonus, that playground wasn't torn up, everything around it was. MYbe we should build houses etc out of whatever they build playgrounds of

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  4. Great video! I am part of the effort to repair and rebuild the Andover Y and was about 1/2 mile away when the EF3 crossed US-54. One of the most intimidating tornados I've ever seen. It may have physically beat down this community, but it didnt defeat Andover mentally and they are recovering quick! Cheers!

  5. The camera towards the end didn't get the color knocked out of it. The tornado made the area so dark it turned to its night time infrared mode so it can see in the dark.

  6. 2013 was a bad year in Oklahoma as well we got hit with a 1 mile wide wedg ef5 tornado the debree ball was 2 miles wide and stayed on the. Ground for a hour the next day we got hit again by a mutual vortex tornado in Oklahoma city and the day after that 4 tornado 1 hit el reno and registered at ef4 when it touched down

  7. The Andover tornado is on the ground through the entire video shown. What you aren't seeing is any condensation that make a "cloud" form so that the circulation is visible. Earlier video of this tornado (including drone footage) shows the "stovepipe" disappearing and reappearing as well as what looks like debris "clouds" as sections of debris cause a pressure drop and allow the condensation to form visibly. Sometimes you can see a similar effect of condensation on landing airplane wings.

  8. Is there anything we can do or use to vaporize in the tornado., would develop a machine to destroy the tornado.Nuff said.🤔💪✌️😁👍👍😎🆒😆I

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  10. Very good videos on this channel. Its nice when the narrator just let's the footage play instead of talking over it the whole time. Hard to find channels that appreciate the finer things in life.

  11. Look everybody we're going to die get out the cell phone so we can make a video what do people thinking nowadays save your ass take the phone and throw it in the trash

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