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  1. The 2nd account Angela Alvarez has been taken down. The account that was linked to it Simon Vinco is an innocent account that was being hijacked by the Angela page. Simon Vinco, from everything I've read, is completely innocent in this and is a victim of whatever deranged group has been doing these awful things in the first place. Please stop sending hate towards Simon

  2. This reminds me of a time walking home from a party I came across a group of people beating and trying to kill a cat. I stepped up to them and told them to stop or they're gonna regret it.
    They thought it was a joke and all 4 tried to jump ME.
    I shot all 4 of them.

  3. I remember watching a documentary on Netflix about a man named Luka Magnotta (Luke- A Man-Yo-Ta) and this dude killed a bunch of cats because his friend threatened him or something. He eventually killed a man. He's in prison now I think.
    Search up Luka Magnotta on YouTube if you don't believe me.

  4. as a person who owns 2 cats and takes care daily of 14 cats from the street, i wisg all these people face the most horrible, unspeakable things possible.

  5. 5:11 i just want to say, that human hemorroid, that australopitecus laughs as his cat dying.
    im translating those videos:
    I KILLED A CAT, FOR MY GOD Jigsaw Saw AND PELUCHIN ENTERTAINMENT * subscribe or im still doing it *
    as someone whos cat died a few days ago, i really hate how that disgrace of a human beeing laughs a death that she also caused for internet points, if this homo sapiens doesn't go to hell, im gonna f*cking lose it

  6. Group of kids(a little above 10) in my neighborhood perform capital punishment (killing with stone) on a weak kitten. It was a singular situation where the kitten was already dead and it doesn't matter to intervene. While a different group of similarly aged kids felt pity for a kitten and fed it in the home until a mother cat came looking with food. Does this also happen anywhere else?

  7. there are some real pieces of sh!t out there. sure cats are useless some times but doesn't mean you have any right to kill then. and it makes me more p!issed of when you kill dogs or any animal in fact.

  8. Have we reached that point yet? Does YouTube still support murder and torture? I’m finding this a year after it was posted.

  9. He may have been 15 when he did it but he's been exposed to the feeling of bloodshed and abuse which will only lead to him craving it and going for humans. There is no way that rehabilitation or any help program will actually fix it. He's felt it and will want more so killing him is the most efficient way of stopping him

  10. whats worse is that his channel still has a decent following, with videos that tend to get up to 10-20k views
    With followers saying that he shouldnt be held accountable for something he did when he was younger

  11. Remember when i was a toddler. My moms friend had s dog. Hes almost as old as me. I was about 1 or 2. my 2 brain cells thought. He was a stuffed toy. So i held him. Also hes a tiny dog. I flung him by his legs. To this day i hate myself for it and he is alive.

  12. As part of the hispanic community, even though this happened a few years ago, I still need to say this, Those people do not represent us, They are not even catalogued as humans by many of us hispanics, but like monsters. I repeat, this people do not represent hispanic community. We appreciate english speaking community for helping us in this crusade. I know i dont have the right to speak in name of all hispanics, but ill do it anyways, with that said, thank you all of you.

  13. I'm gonna be serious this is really fucked up what kind of monsters would harm creatures so cute and cuddly such as cats (Dogs too i am a dog and a cat person but this is about cats) i have no respect or sympathy for that kind of people!

  14. someone: *says a dirty word on a video or references sexual stuff*
    someone: records itself murdering and torturing animals
    Youtube: … oh well, who's hungry?…

  15. He is Chilean. Many Spanish speakers don’t understand Chilean Spanish, it is way different. Instead of Spanish speaking Youtube, this event only trended on Chilean side of Youtube. And i really don’t want Chile to be remembered as the homeland of Peluchin Entertainment :/

  16. I'm literally struggling to find the words, of how I feel. How can YouTube think that this is ok? I will cancel my YouTube premium I refuse to endorse their views on protecting scumbags like this, and ssoyoung the evil b* that thinks its ok to eat animals alive. Its absolutely disgusting.

    I think his channel has been taken down, however to even allow it to continue for so long is absolutely appalling.

  17. That's crazy, why would anyone want to adopt cats just to kill them? You have to be a evil sumovabitch to kill something that can't fight back 😫😞

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