It's on the verge of greatness, but not quite there – Deadside

It's on the verge of greatness, but not quite there - Deadside
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  1. Wow yea stand still like that in open field ,expect yourself to kill your targets and survive then call yourself TactiGamer LMAO

  2. Just make the bases not look like complete trash and more people would dedicate time to building them, and keeping them. They really look like shit and unless you have serious gear fear then you won't run outta default stash anyways. Bases suck, that's what's missing

  3. its a running simulator. going to safezone to mission or to other missions it takes forever. 1hr running and 10 seconds gun fight. i don't recommend this game until they provide vehicles.

  4. correction, ultimately, it's a tactical game at heart as the devs had said before. and wanted survival elements at the most and went as far as saying they might removing them soon, completely 💯

    the gameplay is what dayZ took 8 years to unsuccessfully do and still do in a fraction of time with an original group of 4 devs

  5. ive tried to like this game. its not the worst, but the players make it awful. Griefing mods, jackasses that camp the base areas, groups blocking the exits and entrances to the shops, just full of douchebags.

  6. I’ve always liked the idea of these type of games, there is a few of them around these days, but they’re kinda all the same map wise, I want to see a game like Deadside & Dayz but with a huge city map a real urban overgrown environment

  7. This is great game BUT needs way better basebuilding system (more options to build base), better health and survival elements to keep players busy and ofcorse different weather conditions for more realistic terms. Also devs- where the heck is prone mode!? Why its still not implemented to game?

  8. Have almost thirty hours in this game and I love it but after a while the lack of actual things to do shows and the ai is very bad there are no in betweens with them easy bots are brain dead and can’t aim while hard and expert bots are brain dead but will snipe you at render distance

  9. In Deadside, if the server is empty, theres practically no pvp, but when a server is full, theres lots of desync and hit reg issues. You cant build anywhere close to any hotspots or safe zones, so running is half of the game. Between dwindling player base and god awful pvp systems where shotguns can 1 tap anyone close enough, regardless of their armor class, its just a loot, kill, run, die, repeat. Theres no quests, nothing to get people to keep playing the game.

  10. Deadside needs a few things to really make it stick out. Gunplay needs work. Some mechanics. It needs vehicles (which are coming). And I think it could take a few features from other similar games to enhance the experience without taking away from the casualness it is.

  11. Dude, AI enemies… that is PVE. If you're not fighting another player that is PVE because the term exists to differentiate from PVP. AI in video games has been around a long time.

  12. The base building is still shit, the gun play is somewhat shit, the UI is DOGSHIT. You get burnt out after 1 hour. Save your money, this game is redundant as fuck.

  13. i played DS on release and my intial vibe was a rough rust meets dayz/tarkov etc. Played solo and it was fun but scary. I believe it has a lot of potential if they can iron out some of the main features. I agree that for the type of game they got the realistic shooting does not work with the AI all that well,

  14. I have 1800 hours in Deadside and the best advice I can give is that the game is as fun as you make it. Make some friends, make some enemies, grind and build a base together, raid together and get raided together lol. You’ll have a great time as long as you keep yourself busy😎

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