Young Women Who Got Murdered By Creep Husbands

Young Women Who Got Murdered By Creep Husbands
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Young Women Who Got Murdered By Creep Husbands

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  1. This Toni woman is a piece of work. She's "devastated" and "concerned" when she hears that the wife of the man she's been cheating with has gone missing, but seems to think that the actual cheating was not concerning or devasting to the now missing (and ultimately murdered) wife

  2. It’s pronounced Kuh-DAV-er, not KAD-uh-ver.
    Gerard is pronounced je-RARD, not Jarrod. You did change to the correct pronunciation after the first few mentions of his name.

  3. Quality not quantity!! I've watched a handful of your videos and there are so many errors. I don't care about mispronounced words but you don't always get the facts straight and that's a problem. Slow down, take your time!

  4. Sorry….
    don't believe evidence found 'after the fact'.
    investigations should be thorough from the get-go.
    anything else is planted.
    cops are criminals too…

  5. He beats her, and make her life miserable…he cannot handle divorce so he kill her: was a selfish man, and didn't even think of his children without their mother.
    He deserves was he got.
    Her big son will hv a hard time overcoming his mom SAD😭

  6. Anna, I love your content and I wasn't going to comment on this but I've seen it many times on your channel. The way you use "got" suggests that it is the victim's fault. Instead of "young women who got murdered…" you should really say "young women who WERE murdered…" Your rhetoric implies responsibility on the victim's part, as if they did it to themselves, as if they "got" what was coming. I'm sure you don't mean to, but that is how it comes across

  7. I’ve basically watched and seen everything on Jim Jones and Jonestown every since I was 13, after seeing a video about it in my recommend on YouTube and I was just too curious about the story and I decided to watch some stuff about it, along with the movies and documentaries about it, and I have to say that I am impressed so far with the movies done on Jim Jones and Jonestown like Guyana Tragedy (1980) and Guyana Cult Of The Damned (1979), and it will be interesting to see the other perspectives in the new Jim Jones movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and White Night with Chloe Grace Moretz and Joseph Gordon Levitt have watched and read about many stories told by the survivors as well and once you watch a single video on this topic. You cannot stop watching and reading videos and books about Jim and Jonestown itself because you really can’t make this stuff up, very disturbing but interesting.

  8. Narcs are very immature they love playing little childish games to "try" to manipulate u!They're extremely petty and very vendictive and vengeful! Not to mention creepy alot of them are borderline's! They can't tolerate rejection and hate abondonment!There will always be the double standard especially with money and gaslighting! They're allowed to cheat but don't u dare think about dating anyone! nothing rational about them in the least! and there will always be the pity party and smear campaign and flying Monkees!!The truth is they need people but people don't need them!

  9. Here we go again…. "why would Barulio need to call a lawyer in the first place"…? FFS…Duh. Rule #1 NEVER EVER EVER speak to the police with an attorney present. Period.
    Innocent people have their words construed by cops on the daily – that's how investigations get thrown off, cases run cold, and Innocent people end up in prison.

  10. Don't you just love these husband's pretending to be grief stricken for their missing wives & all their fake tears. So transparent that they feel absolutely nothing for these women or their children

  11. My mom and stepdad are always arguing and a lot of times it gets violent- after watching these I’m terrified for my mom

  12. Hey, if you're going to narrate these stories have the respect to pronounce their names correctly. It's NOT Ba-ril-leo, it's Brow-lee-o. And the last name is pronounced Cast-stee-o, not cast-stil-o. YOU, YOUNG lady are NO Mr. Ballen

  13. I see a common theme in all these men in these stories, they all have "a mean/narcissistic face". Sometimes you can tell some people's personally by the way their face is naturally structured, almost like God allowed the person to have that face as a warning to others about how bad their personalities will be. Sounds crazy I know but I have been able to tell a lot of "mean looking' people at my job and 90% of the time I end up being right about them.

  14. I was almost killed by my ex. After I left him ,he showed up at my apt. After I moved out. He showed up all nice tried to invite me to the Ottawa exhibition. I said no and leave and he started all of a sudden choking me. A neighbor came out and tried choking him out to get off me. Scary

  15. At 0:54 I literally seek out all your videos I love your narration I love how you cut to the chase I love how you don't have any pauses and make people wonder what's going on thank you so much for your in-depth perception and all of your hard work that you do to put into all of your videos every single day thank you so much love your number one fan even though that sounds creepy

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