Ultimate Predators (Full Episode) | World's Deadliest

Ultimate Predators (Full Episode) | World's Deadliest
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Polar bears, crocodiles and anacondas are all ultimate predators, but their hunting strategies are very different. We’ll see one seal put up a fight, but it is no match for the great white shark’s 700 pounds of bite force. Watch as a polar bear, the world’s largest land carnivore, tackles a walrus equipped with formidable tusks. While crocodiles are some of the deadliest animals known to man and are natural-born killers, all that matters to these predators is whether something is edible.

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Ultimate Predators (Full Episode) | World’s Deadliest

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  1. Your right james cahoe.i read a true story. Long ago whale
    Hunters long story short. Had a deal with
    Orcas the orca clan would herd the whales
    To the hunters to kill.
    All the orcas wanted in exchange was leave the whale toungs. Behind that was all they wanted the greedy
    Whale hunters started
    Keeping the toungs .
    When the orcas saw
    This they quit herding
    The whales to the hunters .and killed whales for the toungs left the rest to the scavengers.the hunters
    Paid a high price for depriving the orcas of the part of the whale
    They wanted.true story
    Also have you seen a pregnet orcar baby on altrasound. It appears
    Human the it had arms
    And hands with fingers
    The head looks human
    A marine bioligist showed this on a documentary.

  2. Excellent documentary. Scary animals, but necessary for keeping the balance of the ecosystems. Thanks.
    Sorry, guys, but we, humans, are the top predators everywhere in the world.
    Amazing cameramen. Their job is incredible.

  3. Survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom. Great documentary. You cant be tender hearted or squeamish if you watch this for sure.

  4. This is first time I'm learning about the green huge gross anaconda.and the ugly scarey Australian dogs.ill I can't stand disgusting snakes, that is so hideous opening its mouth huge enough to just swallow the prey. Hideous irritating ugly pest dingos r just like viscious monstrously savage hyeenas!!! I feel sorry for the sheep and kangaroos. Why do these ugly dogs need to hunt, can't they just be domesticated annoying barking dogs?this is so interesting , first time learning grizzly bears have claws that long and weighing 1000 pds! I love tigers and lions they and other big cats r the MOST BEAUTIFUL predators. Ong first time learning about the disgusting ugly asf scary South American fat eel

  5. Nat Geo is a letdown, nowadays.They change the date,making you think youre watching new videos. I can find newer nature vids on many other channels.

  6. I love these documentaries…but the music is overwhelming, I wish they would stop putting music on educational programs.

  7. This reminds me of my mother in-law, she just kind of waits on the sidelines and BoomPow attacks with her crazy animalistic attitude…..cold blooded witch

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