Japan’s 400 Kilometre Tsunami Shield

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Meet one of the most important pieces of concrete in Japan.
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Executive Producer and Narrator – Fred Mills
Producer – Jaden Urbi
Video Editing and Graphics – James Durkin
Production Management – Clare Furlonger
Content Partnership – Liam Marsh

Special thanks to Dr. David McGovern and Damien Lutz. Additional footage and images courtesy of Channel 4, ABC News, CNN, Rs1421, Hitoshi Taguchi, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, HR Wallingford and UCL/URBANWAVES, Electric Entertainment and Morino Project.

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  1. They are building it wrong.
    I believe the wall should be in the sea and should controlled automatically once a tsunami tries to form, it should break the formation of the tsunami before the wave forms.
    It's like a huge tree about to fall unto a building but gets down in the middle of the fall disrupting the fall unto the building

  2. I have no doubt JAPAN is the gem of technology and modern construction….
    A country running ahead of time…
    Great Country…..

  3. Why not build under water ramps that elevate the water towards the sky creating a water fall. When conditions are normal the ramps are like reefs but when the big wave comes in the water rides up and up dropping off like a water fall. Send the force upward and not horizontal… don’t try to stop the water force just redirect…. Dah

  4. i feel like this video isn't comprehensive enough for an engineering/technical channel. The whole tsunami defence isn't just about the concrete walls , it's also about the multi-layers of defences like the highly specialised breakwaters unlike the ones most other countries have, and the way these defences divert water flows, etc etc.

  5. As someone who lives in a flood-prone area, I'd rather sacrifice the view and other things, than to put my life/safety at risk.
    Though nothing can stop a natural phenomenon, it's nice to have a feeling of security and peace of mind.
    This defences will definitely save a lot of lives in the future.

  6. common sense would be preventing people from building on the coastlines.. once a disaster hits… and places are wiped out.. do not let them rebuild there.. but give them land in the higher levels and leave the coastline empty and let the sea do it's thing.

  7. The choice of music is sooooo out of place why out some mystical techno music while talking about a tragedy dude lol

  8. The best way is to build artificial mountains inside the Ocean. Done part of the mountains would be inside the water, it will be very efficient in stoping any magnitude of waves. Try this and thank me later

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