Top 10 Creepiest Mysteries of All Time

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These creepy mysteries will send a shiver down your spine. For this list, we’ll be looking at spooky mysteries that have taken over our minds. Our countdown includes Tamám Shud Case, Radio Bursts From Deep Space, JonBenét Ramsey, and more! What mystery keeps you awake at night? Be sure to share all the details in the comments below.

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  1. The jonbenét Ramsey case was definitely an inside job. It had to have been an accident or purposely done by her older brother. You can even hear over the phone call to 911, “what did you do???” . There’s a video covering all the facts why others think it was the brother too. So sketchy. Too sketchy.

  2. It can never be confirmed, but that creepy ass doctor has to be the one behind the black dahlia. He had a prior relationship to Elizabeth, the surgical background, and was connected to more crimes and even fled the country for years at one points

  3. And what, exactly, was so creepy about the void in the pyramid? Mysterious, yes. Creepy? Far from it. Sorry.

    Everything else fits, tho.

  4. The void inside was just part of the whole giant pyramide scheme. And also so that aliens could use them as landing pads. Because of course a highly advanced space civilatzion twith vessels cablable of interstellar travel could never be able to land on earth with out a bunch of rocks and shit from Egypt. Jaffa Kree!

  5. i was hoping for a more intricate video but you decided to go the same road as every other casual top10 mystery video out there on youtube going over the same old 10 cases… what did i even expect from the most casual youtube channel ever….

  6. The Black Dahlia case is the one I’ve been interested in almost all my life some reason When I hear about it I want to learn more about it just like titanic

  7. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy these types of videos but I feel like WatchMojo just has the same list every 2 months just reworded a little bit different kinda clickbait in my opinion

  8. I really hope one day police finally find Ramsey’s killer and hopefully they are still alive so they can be executed in the same way they killed her

  9. I also believed in God and other miracles until I was 30, and then I gave up alcohol and drugs and realized that everything in our world is absolutely ordinary and has the simplest physical explanations

  10. The Black Dahlia case was kind of solved. A woman founded out her father, who was a surgeon, confessed the crime on a letter and several more murders.

  11. Well we all know Jonbenet was killed by Burke like watch a lot of documentaries especially this one on YouTube there’s no one else it could have been

  12. Black Dahlia I knew it thanks to YT Channel called Zepp Film, Also must be in the list, The Japanese Kidnapped from a Beach by North Korean Government 's Agents. A Top Ten of Creepy Misteries which were Solved.

  13. 4:25 astronomers believe that FRBs caused by very powerful neutron stars or magnetars (the most extreme form of neutron star characterized by its extreme magnetic field) even with this working hypothesis some FRBs don’t seem to fit in either category.

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