Terrified Rescued Dog Learns To Let Love In | The Dodo

Terrified Rescued Dog Learns To Let Love In | The Dodo
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Dog who wanted to hide from the world falls in love with a cranky, senior cat 😍

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  1. First, I would like to say you are one of my Sheros for rescuing Sarah. It does not amaze me at all your other two dogs 🐕 🐾 as well as your wonderful cat 🐈 family helping to care for Sarah. They sense when the are needed. Thank you for your wonderful ❤ kind heart. Now this is for Sarah, girl never give up. You have the most amazing, awesome spirit. You are a gift 🎁 full of happiness 💖. All of you are in my heart always.

  2. To this rescuer, Sarah isn't the only one with an unshakable joy, i think.😊You seem to be as amazing a human as Sarah is a dog. Thank you!!!

  3. The thing that makes me happiest is a a poor animal that has been abused and then is found by a caring person that gives the animal a good home and love. Nothing can top that.

  4. Oh my goodness we need more humans like you. To show this dog so much and to get her out of her shell. To see her so happy. Thank you so much for what you do.

  5. What a wonderful dog… a happy dog although her history, problems and disabilities.Thank you for giving her the best home she could get and making it possible to live such the great life she has now. <3

  6. These people are my heroes, loving, caring people out there DOING! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY, OR EVER? Think about it, then jump in, you'll love the way you feel. Donate 5.00, never think a donation is too small, rich people don't find charity, people making small sacrifices DO! Volunteer, shelters need you today. A lonely scared dog whose parents had to give him up, can use your love and attention right now.

  7. We must stand up for innocent animals! I want to meet the people who did that to the poor dog. This society is breeding sociopaths we have to be strong while law enforcement fails us and more importantly fails them!

  8. I LOVE her happy dance/walk! She is such a pretty girl who loves your two dogs, and I'm certain that she is happy because you are so loving towards her; she also sees the other 2 dogs and realizes they have your love too, so it's not a "passing" thing.
    God Bless you for adopting her and giving her the life she has always deserved.

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