Oakland Zoo Rescues And Rehabilitates A “Feisty” Starving Mountain Lion Cub

Oakland Zoo Rescues And Rehabilitates A “Feisty” Starving Mountain Lion Cub
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  1. Wow Wish I could have her ! I’m sure the neighbors would be upset. That’s was our job in the beginning to look after them. We have bobcats coyotes and bears in our neighborhood Chesterfield Virginia they don’t have a protocol for bear sightings the lady up the st. Saw a mom bear and two cubs standing up in the road about 1/8 of a mile from my house so sad all the new housing no we’re for them to go.

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  3. Cant be re introduced into the wild? bolderdash! cats, especially the big cats, never lose their very strong instinct to hunt chase and kkill anything that moves! it can b easily encouraged, trained to hunt and kkill mice, then rabbits, then bigger prey. then withdraw ALL human contact, put it in a large treed pen, and put mice, rabbits etc in there, DONT feed it, and it will rehab just fine. sounds to me like the zoos want a free animal to attract visitors…

  4. Hopefully this wonderful creature will find a home that assimilates her natural environment as closely as possible. Great rescue and thanks for tips on wildlife encounters. I hate it when people try to raise wildlife as pets. 🐆🦊🦍🦧🐻🦡🐾🌈

  5. Beautiful lion cub. Thankyou for rescuing her. We all need to learn more awareness of what to do n how to help in these sutuations. 🐆

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