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  1. CharlieBo313 should collaborate with
    gab morrison both interested channels on YouTube would love to see Charlie in Paris or London

  2. Those houses would look much nicer if yall stopped standing around having story time and used all that energy to mow and edge up those sidewalks, maybe even sprayed some roundup to handle those weeds.

  3. Lamest shit ever.. why am I watching this slow shit.. they really acting like this shit cool.. they run it how – Racine to Ashland run what they not fighters they shoot kids and innocent people.. shit is goofy..

  4. I'm not from your country so please forgive me if I'm out of line. Why is it that all of the people that are out during the day and night for no apparent reason are black? They all claim to be protecting their neighborhoods from other blacks. Do other blacks from surrounding areas come in and cause problems? It seems as if they dont get along with each other, due to stupid reasoning. I dont understand the claiming of certain areas for what? If they didnt fight with each other would the killing go down in Chicago? I'm just asking as we had alot of respect for your country but this doesn't make sense. Just asking Chuck Lisbon Portugal

  5. but that one gangsta snapping to attention 4 the government with his mask, but he rebellious at the same time 4 wearing around his neck. So brave, so bold.

  6. It's cute that they have a pet midget. Why can't they stand still? Do they all have to pee? Have any of them been diagnosed for ADHD?

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