Another 2008 Housing Crash – Or Worse? Real Estate Bubble Explained

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In this video, Patrick Bet-David breaks down whether or not the housing market is going to crash.

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  1. Did Pat just talk about hyper inflation under President Jimmy Carter in 1981? Unless we're living in alternate timelines, it was actually President Ronald Regan, not Carter! I should know, I was a little kid then and my parents had one opportunity to own a house and couldn't because of the insanely high interest rates, so his staff should really edit these videos before releasing them to fact check

  2. Most people don't realize the Fed printed counterfeit money and gave it to blackrock to buy up every house for sale in cities in every state knowing our economy will crash and they won't have to pay those loans back yet any civilian owing on their homes will lose them! Blackrock is paying over what people are asking for homes and will drive rent up so high families will have to move in togather to afford rent!

  3. Same here in Austria; can remember in the 80s when my father bought a flat we had +/- 11% on loans and a high inflation – so it will not be the first time in history

  4. Patrick any organization that says they know what they are talking about when they show you housing data run away. The US population is set to grow to 500 million in 30 years. I worked in real estate for a long time.

  5. You always brought and still presenting straight great valuable information. I loved valutainment from day one. I just recently got a notification because they were stopped. I'm happy to join in on you're important videos again. Keep them coming. Thank you

  6. Of course Refi dropped that’s expected
    Cost has gone up
    If my mortgage is at 3% no way I’m going to refinance
    Refi goes up as rates drop. Which Will be arriving really soon when fed blows the whole system . Give you strugglers 4 months more higher interest payment before you can refinance the cheaper rate %%%% ——

  7. The overprinting in a historical context is Matching John Law and the Mississippi bubble, so recent history is interesting; and all time historical lessons are important as well.

  8. This was a phenomenal power packed full of data analysis compressed into 20min, and one of the simply best takes on the current housing market and where it's headed . You should see what's already happening in Canada, as of July 13th, the Central bank raised interest rates 100basis points, and some outlying properties have already dropped $700,000! We have just hit the same rate increase that had popped the US housing bubble in US back in 2008!

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