Why do 'Natural disasters' happen?

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Prof. John Houghton reflects on the problem of evil and suffering, particularly as brought about by natural disasters. He says that in part, we must take part of the blame for suffering brought about by natural disasters because although we have the ability to put preventative and life-saving measures in place, often we do not.

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  1. Nikola Tesla – "You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension."

    A disaster is only evil, or good by the judgement seat of God Almighty knowing the tree of Good and Evil. Throughout history it has been documented that God destroys those who defile love on the earth with his wrath in the form of Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Tsunamis/etc. E.g. Sparta Eq, Pompey Volcano, Jamaican Earthquake/Tsunami 1692, etc etc. But it is only recently, since the inventions of Nikola Tesla that Satans empire has had the ability to use Gods Electricity to create its own lying wonders, events perceived as natural but are in fact man made and electrically induced. Events like the Christchurch Earthquake of 2011 that targetted the CBD, or the Japan Tsunami. Etc, These horrors that Tesla describes, are not attacks on the evil defilers of love in the earth, but are against sometimes the poor and weak in the world, by the people who love money. Earthquakes in divers places is one prerequisite of Christs return. And the workers of iniquity Christ will judge saying to them all. Who he never knew. Search for truth in this world, and you will know to have oil in your lamp to see the lies and deceptions satans empire is perpetrating in todays world for money/greed.

  2. Because ALL people REALLY "know" certain things without having to prove it with final certainty. For example, We "KNOW" there are other minds, we "KNOW" the universe is rationally intelligible, and that were are not merely dreaming up reality (like a brain in a vat). We can "KNOW" Christ, because when he gives us HIMSELF, he makes himself known in a real way. As Michael Polyani (formerly Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Manchester) put it: "We know MORE than we can tell"

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