The Skeletal System: Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology #19

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Today Hank explains the skeletal system and why astronauts Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko are out in space studying it. He talks about the anatomy of the skeletal system, including the flat, short, and irregular bones, and their individual arrangements of compact and spongy bone. He’ll also cover the microanatomy of bones, particularly the osteons and their inner lamella. And finally, he will introduce the process of bone remodeling, which is carried out by crews of osteocytes, osteoblasts, and osteoclasts.

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Introduction: Astronaut Bones 00:00
Structure of the Skeletal System: Axial & Appendicular Bones 2:33
Bone Shapes: Long, Short, Flat, and Irregular 3:11
Internal Bone Structure 3:47
Osteons and Their Lamellae 5:05
Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts 5:54
Bone Remodeling: Resorption & Apoptosis 7:28
Review 9:28
Credits 10:13

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  1. I have to do a 20 slide "slideshow" for a final. My textbook is so confusing. literally bolds and italicizes everything that is important. Crash course is the only reason I'll be passing this year. I'm just watching these videos. I won't even bother reading.

    Thank you Crash Course! You guys are the absolute best!

  2. I'm a Pre-med student starting medicine soon. Our Prof came today and said "you guys have been performing excellently so far, lets throw in some MD anatomy in your skeletal system content, you'll thank me later". Long story short, here i am learning about the skeletal system and then I gotta learn the name of 50 bones after this video. Feelsbadman

  3. I am pursuing ACE personal trainer certification. Your videos help me to understand and memorize the material easier than those books I had to buy for 600$ lol. Cheers mate

  4. I’m using this to review my knowledge during quarantine, and free education is incredible, people should use this more often + I wouldn’t mind if they ever decide to put ads

  5. Watching this entire series and taking notes is required in my class. It's a huge part of our grade at the end of the year and I've never been happier that I already watched these for fun.

  6. Love Hank! He makes learning fun. I have used several videos to help teach health during distance learning. I create a Q&A to go along with the videos. Please keep making these educational videos! Thank you!

  7. 9:15 "for reasons we don't understand" did the scientist try diet….. not like that has anything to do with it… (oh wait..) Apparently vitamin C is a huge part according to a book called Death by Calcium.

  8. Very interesting and innovative analogues to explain difficult topics in bone.. Speed of narration is OK but bit fast… Great learning. Thanks

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