Got Violent In Kodak Blacks Hood… 5v5 Basketball !

Got Violent In Kodak Blacks Hood… 5v5 Basketball !
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One of the weirdest, wildest park runs to this day. Thankfully, we are all safe and nobody got hurt.

Follow me on Instagram to see full raw footage and things I can’t post here @_nickbriz IM ALWAYS announcing the locations of our games on my IG


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  1. I just want to say nick briz makes the black community look bad EVERY time. he’s a culture vulture and y’all love it. Lmao

  2. Ngl I'm waiting for the day Carlos gets slapped to get sense knocked into him lmao I'm jk cuz Carlos a fun player to watch cuz he ends up clutched at the end of most gamrs

  3. Carlos gets carried every game. Can't dribble, can't guard anyone, chucks up bricks every time he gets the ball… Always making a fool of himself and always fouling. Nobody fouled you Carlos you just can't make a layup!

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