50 Incredible Moments Caught on CCTV Camera

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Today, CCTV cameras have captured Magneto’s antics, the amazing behavior of animals and the ridiculous stuff people do – join in now!

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  1. The German Shepherd who saved the Lady from the tree falling on her! She owes him a BIG hug & a STEAK Dinner with all the trimmings 🙂 ALL PETS ARE AWESOME 🙂

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  3. The clip beginning at 5:41 makes me think I need a pet like that to help me fold bedsheets. And I loved the guy spitting out his drink when he saw the snake. It reminded me of the scene in the animated movie "Incredibles 2" when the young girl in the restaurant, after taking a drink of water, unexpectedly sees their waiter is a boy at her school she is interested in and shoots the water out her nose! That was hilarious; I burst out laughing every time I see that scene.

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