5 Strongest Earthquakes Caught On Camera

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5 Strongest Earthquakes Caught On Camera
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  1. The person who was video recording with the tension cables shaking like crazy inside the office building. He or she is lucky that it didn't snap and cut the person in half being that close. I'd run like hell.

  2. The Tibetan soldiers at 4:14 casually walking through, while everyone else is screaming, but they just glance over enough to say "Just another day at the office". :-/ They must have nerves of steel.

  3. The Sunday before the Loma Prieta earthquake I was driving a visiting Czech geophysicist back to LBL after taking him on a tour of the San Andreas at Pt. Reyes (the epicenter area of the 1906 quake). We drove through the Cypress structure back to Berkeley and I said “we better hope a major earthquake does not happen right now because this highway has not yet been retrofitted — it is now known that this highway design is flawed and the upper level would pancake down on us in a large earthquake”. We looked at it as we drove through. The next day he flew back home…

    Where I was at Stanford we got about 0.25 g accelerations. Quite a wild ride.

  4. My grandfather survived the largest earthquake captured by instruments in history, the one that occurred in 1960 in Valdivia Chile of 9.5 Richter with a duration of approximately 14 minutes and I had to live through the 8.8 earthquake of the year 2010.

  5. No.2 is a series of earthquakes that happened on October 16, next Oct. 29, and Oct. 31. Then another earthquake on Dec. 15. All were above magnitude 6.5. It was a terrifying experience at that time.

  6. i remember in 2015… i mean the nepal earthquake effected india too… i was in the hospital… (very high) and like… i was in the bed while the building was shaking… and it happened for not just 2 days.. the aftershocks were still there…. and then my parents turned on the news on the tv… i saw everything, the news, live shaking, MT everest shaking, water being violent, people screaming and houses and everything shattered… (in the capital too)… that's kinda the cause of my seismophobia (extreme fear of earthquakes)

  7. Good earthquake advice:
    While the earth is shacking, and you are inside of a building or home, stay away from windows, or things that may topple (furniture, shelves, bookcases, etc) try if you can to be near a column or a doorframe just to protect yourself from falling debris.
    DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE. Wait until the shacking stops and then go outside, preferable away from buildings, lamp posts or electric cables (power could be still on). If you are near a tall building move away from it, broken glass falling could injure or kill you.
    After the first shacking has subsided go to an open space like a big square or field and wait there. There could be more aftershocks or even a bigger shock. And of course follow instructions from police and fire department. Believe me, I'm from a country that has had it's history of earthquakes, been through quite a few big ones (above 6.0)

  8. I was 11 in '69 when T'dad was hit by a 7.0 quake in the middle of the night. Our house was built on a small rise in the land and I had a dream that I remember vividly to this day.
    I don't recall what I was dreaming beforehand, but all of a sudden, I was in the street looking at the house as it slid down the hill. Then I woke up to all this shaking and my older brother was yelling to get out!
    We had a pug back then and he was on a chain attached to my dad's 50-gallon aquarium.
    The poor guy was so frightened that he managed to pull it about 2 yards from where it had been. He was on a tiled floor! We couldn't figure out how he did it! Perhaps it just slid that way from the motion.

    I was also at Candlestick in '89!

  9. In number one with the earthquake one can see when the building inside is on video there are many many spirit orbs flying towards the camera

  10. One landmass at the bottom of earth would sort Earthquakes out along with other types of weather problems. Start moving your mountains etc today not tomorrow. 😉

  11. I've been following and watching for a while now. And I just heard your voice over on another channel covering a similar topic. Is the voice over a Text to Speech, or do you run multiple channels?

  12. The Climate Waits for No One

    Thirty years ago, a friend of mine got into the green energy business and tried to pull me into it. I asked him what for, it isn’t serious. He said, “You have no idea how much money is being poured into it. Everyone wants in on it, politicians, financiers, businesspeople, the lot.” He was right, of course. Yet, no one wants to promote green energy in order to save the planet, but only to swell up their pockets even more. The declarations, therefore, remain in the assembly hall where they are stated, necessary actions are ignored, and the climate waits for no one: It will keep deteriorating.

    This week in Glasgow, Scotland, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference is taking place. Officially, it aims to “bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.” In reality, the countries plan to do the exact opposite. This year’s UN Production Gap Report, which tracks the discrepancy between governments’ planned fossil fuel production and actual global production levels, states the following: “Despite increased climate ambitions and net-zero commitments, governments still plan to produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels in 2030 than what would be consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C [2.7°F].”

    Energy sources and technologies do change, but not according to what is best for the planet. It changes according to the interests of politicians and money moguls, and it never benefits the planet or the majority of its inhabitants, namely all of us.

    Since the climate waits for no one, eventually, it will catch up with us. Earth is a closed system, and in a closed system, there are consequences to exploitation: it hurts the abuser as well as the abused.

    I don’t know when or at what cost, but eventually, we will all have to realize that we cannot take beyond what we need. We cannot keep exploiting Earth selfishly and thoughtlessly because it will turn against us.

    Earth is like a submarine: there is only so much oxygen on board. If some crew members take more than their quota, the rest will not have enough, they will die, and the submarine will sink along with those who exceeded their quota.

    We need constant reminders that we are one system, and we are all dependent on each other. We need to genuinely grasp that selfishness hurts us just as being exploitative hurts others. If we constantly remind ourselves that we are interdependent, we will behave with more consideration, and we will avoid the punitive impact of climate change.

    The other option is to keep working as the UN’s Production Gap Report states that we are planning to work, and suffer nature’s unforgiving response. I hope we wise up in time because everyone will pay the price for this mistake.

  13. When the narrator said "earthquake struck without warning" I mean that's what earthquakes always happen, without warning.

  14. My father was in that '89 earthquake. I remember the quiet panic my mother and I shared until we got the phone call that he was down with a broken ankle, but very alive. Talk about a flashback.

  15. The two cars at 11:47 made me laugh. I imagine their eyes got REAL BIG when they saw all the water and debris coming at them! The second car barely made it out of there. I hope both got away safely.

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