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About the Author: They will Kill You


  1. Kinda stupid to charge that Judge Brett Kavanaugh suspect with attempted murder as he never actually tried killing him and literally told on himself before he did anything. Not a chance in hell that charge will stick.

  2. The Good old Burque "Albuquerque" shoot crime bad here.. you should of done one on Victoria Martin that's a twisted crime here there barley doing the trial

  3. Hi, my name's Bob. ["Hi Bob!"] & I'm a sucker for tacky fake lashes. Been 6wks clean as of tod- 😲… *deep breath*… ok I'm fine. Everything is fi- ["Step away from the thumbnail, Bob, & put ur hands where we can see 'em!" ]

  4. I would rather have my relatives despise me because at least I can keep earning a buck where with the other way I obviously couldn't. Plus, there are times where relatives, being who they are, think that gives them the authority to shoot off their mouths and tell you how you should run your life when they have ABSOLUTELY no reason or license to do so.

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