The pregnant stray girl is safe in the shelter ❤️ I was surprised when she let me touch her

The pregnant stray girl is safe in the shelter ❤️ I was surprised when she let me touch her
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  1. Safe now and no worries about food and shelter. Poor girl. I’m so glad you have her in the shelter. Bless her. She will need a quiet area now and thank you Takis once again.

  2. And again, completely unnecessary puppies just because the owner was too lazy to have his dog neutered.
    It is better to "get rid of" a pregnant dog and leave her and her puppies to fate.
    How ruthless can you be?

  3. It seems the 'dimmed light, together with this peaceful feeling, makes this place ideal for a sensitiv newcomer.
    And Simon seems to have found a brilliant job. 😊✨
    "They saw hitting her all the time to go away over there." Very sad to know she stayed around the house of her owner who passed away a year ago of a heartatack. So so unfair. Poor poor girl. Nice she is named after her owner. 🍀

  4. Thank you for taking her in and taking on this great responsibility. This is so sad and I don't understand how people just leave them to fend for themselves on the streets. Bless you for giving her a safe haven. You are the Guardian Angel for all these abandoned souls.

  5. Soon Those beautiful 👀will relise her and her babies are safe there she will also have a smile on her face and. Happy tail ❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️✨✨✨✨✨✨✨🕊

  6. I just love ❤️ the way takis is always thinking of ways to ma there lives better and comfortable and happy bless you Agapito mau ❤️🐾❤️🐾✨✨✨✨✨✨✨😍

  7. What can you say? How many times must we see this awful abuse of these wonderful dogs who ask nothing more than a kind word. Day After day now for over 9 years and nothing changes. Takis must feel so much despair but will never give up. For that we must be forever grateful.

  8. good day takis, please help simon to gain some weight, his ribs are visible and he looks pitiful looking thin. i hope you can help simon. thank you and God bless….

  9. A good sniff to investigate all the information … nice respectful dog greeters. She let you touch her, because of the special environment she is in, peace and safety and Takis. 🤲💕☺️. You have that natural feelings for dogs. 👍.

  10. She doesn't look pregnant, maybe she already gave birth? Just an observation, but then, she is probably really thin & has a small tummy because it's her first pregnancy. At least she is safe. 💕

  11. If dogs could talk she would b crying there is no words to describe how she feeling knowing she an her babies are going to b safe she won't have to worri about finding food someone hurting her r her babies safe now baby girl just have ur babies an b a good mamma😘

  12. The present stray dog needs to be in a room, alone, so she can be calm and less stress that put in with a bunch of other dogs, so she can prepare for her puppies birth. As they grow she and them can be moved outside to a shelter, she needs no stress as she is expecting. So Mr. Takis again thank you for all you do, if anyone is watching please consider donating to Takis Shelter and or adopt one of his dogs or cats, the shelter is filling up and he needs to get animals adopted out so he can take in more, this is just one case in point a present stray dog, who needs care, he does not say no, he welcomes her in, and she will get the best of care.

  13. They look like brother and sister don't they? They are so cute. OOh You tube has changed the font. That must be in answer to all their complaints because they don't do bugger all else. Sorry anyway lovely to see Takis. Another mummy to be. You are so good. Did her human die? I thought I saw that on the previous video. God love you Takis.

  14. I don’t know what these poor dogs would have done without you😞 Thank you, Takis. We know that you work tirelessly, the dogs and cats and even the black devil are so thankful for you and your workers. 🥲

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