EIGHT desert dogs + police were called on us = it was intense! 🥵

EIGHT desert dogs + police were called on us = it was intense! 🥵
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Going to this rescue, I knew this was going to be challenging, so I asked Loreta Frankoynte, Katie McKittrick, and Alex Babcock to join me.
It’s another super busy day here today, I do have to post and run, I don’t have time to write a long description about this #HopeForPaws video, but I do want to share a link where you can get YOUR OWN LUCKY LEASH: https://www.HopeForPaws.org/Lucky_Leash 🌺

Once you get your leash, please post a picture of your pet with the leash and tag us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/HopeForPawsRescue/ – it’s a great way for me to meet your dogs and cats.

If you would like to adopt Maverick, Buffy, Beverly, Wookie, Binx, Pixar, Trixie, or Mitzi, please contact our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue who are fostering these amazing dogs: https://www.LAAnimalRescue.org

If you missed Moon’s rescue video, here is the link for you:

and here is her Instagram page so you’ll see how she is doing these days:

I really hope we can get 1000 people to sign up today for their own Lucky Leash so we can continue our work at full speed.

Thank you so much!



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  1. Beautiful puppers, and I am glad you were there for them!
    But! After seeing the trauma the male was put thru with the netting, you should think twice about using it again!

  2. ياالهي كم انا سعيدة هذه عملية أنقاذ بطولية كم تعبتم ايها الملائكة انه فيلم كامل حقيقي جميل ليتني كنت معكم أحبكم وأحب الكلاب انهم الأن في جنة الأرض يبنون الثقة من جديد🐕❤🙏💋

  3. What a huge rescue…! 😳👍💞
    They all seem to adjust well at their Fosters' home….
    Gorgeous family…😘
    Hope they all find their loving forever home! 🙏

  4. I can't express the highest respect I have for all of the people from Hope For Paws! I watch your channel from Spain, sorry I can't help economically , we ha e lots of the same rescues here also, but you all are dedicated, amazing human beings! I'm so gladpeople likeyou exist!

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