3 Tests To Guarantee Your Dog Training Success

3 Tests To Guarantee Your Dog Training Success
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Training dogs is crucial to achieving the perfect canine companion that will allow you to enjoy your life with you dog rather than them being difficult all the time with multiple behaviour issues. By putting these dog training tips into practice straight away with your dog you are setting yourself up for mountains of success.

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Here on Will Atherton Canine Training we make videos about man’s best friend so if this is your first time here don’t forget to subscribe! These videos are made and aimed at adults in a stage of their life to purchase or adopt a dog, we want to help them choose the right breed and become excellent canine leaders to help end the number of dogs that end up in shelters.

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Training Rescue Dogs
0:42 – Slip Lead Dog Training
1:02 – Training Dogs With Food
1:55 – Training Dogs With Toys
2:11 – Training Dogs With Praise
3:08 – Training Dog To Walk On A Loose Lead
3:59 – How To Stop A Dog Pulling Towards Other Dogs
6:52 – Rescue Dogs First Walk

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  1. We rehomed 2 dogs yesterday. The Lab is a puller. We did one walk, with your techniques yesterday: she went from walking a full body and tails length ahead of me to her front shoulder to my knee ❤ however at bedtime she cried and barked at being left..any advice please?

  2. Hi! Would you be willing to show how the slip leash should sit properly on the dog? I have a Finnish lapphund which has a lot of fur, this makes me uncertain how it should fit on him. Very gratful for any answer 😁

  3. How would I train my puppy to bark on command for protection when im walking her or just going out in general when she’s with me? (I’m getting a Dogo Argentina puppy soon preferably female)

  4. Can anyone help me, iv bought an Xl bully x cane corso puppy just about 3 months old, his perfectly fine running around with all its energy as a puppy should but he just has hiccups a lot iv been told it’s fine as puppy’s do that as young age and not to worry but I’m just trying to make sure.!?

  5. Just found your videos and love your style. We are about to bring a puppy into the family and I'm interested to know what you feed your dogs? Wet, dry or raw??

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