WHO Handles CROCODILES Like This!? 😵 Pet YouTuber Reacts to Animals on Craigslist | Emzotic

WHO Handles CROCODILES Like This!? 😵 Pet YouTuber Reacts to Animals on Craigslist | Emzotic
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Pet YouTuber, Emzotic, reacts to Pet Listings on Craigslist.
If you have a pet listing or a viral animal video you want Emzotic to react to, be sure to send them over via Instagram DM! 😜

Today’s Reactions
0:00 – 1:30 – Welcome / Welcome Back!
1:30 – 5:25 – Out of control Doves
5:25 – 9:06 – Frenchie puppies in a fry holder?!
9:06 – 12:53 – 4 Ferrets I want
12:53 – 18:21 – Negligent Caiman Handling (so bad)
18:21 – 22:22 – The Saddest Ball Python Enclosure
22:22 – 24:48 – Peacocks in the City!?
24:48 – 30:10 – The Cutest Kitty Bros

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  1. DM me on Instagram @emzoticofficial if you have any Craigslist ads for me to react to! PS: I have some new links in my description box, including my top, my book, and my ferret and reptile enclosures! I hope you enjoy browsing, and I hope you enjoy this video! 🌻

  2. do you like pitbull dogs? i think they’re cute (i have one so i may be biased) but i know a lot of people don’t like them for some reason

  3. Hiya Em. Not sure but I think you’re British? If anybody is British please help me out. 😅
    I’ve been wanting ferrets for as long as I can remember, and I feel like I’m finally prepared to actually get them as I’ve looked into them more. However, I’ll be starting my proper GCSEs, whilst I have ferrets if I got them now. I don’t know if it’s possible to study for hours a day whilst having ferrets. If I put out a playpen (inside a ferret proofed room) would I be able to leave them be for a pen hour or so and just check in them every now and then?
    Of course I’d still play with them, just for when I need to revise with no distraction^^
    Sounds horrible but taking them on walks can tire them out, so if I did that would I be able to study and they’d just sleep after for a little while?
    I really, really want ferrets, just wondering for the future. *please respond if you’re British and know what mocks + GCSE’s can be like with ferrets.
    Edit: I’d probably get 2, but if I can’t, I’d get 1. I don’t know if that makes a difference. 🙂

  4. Hi Em! i have 7 cats of my own! i wish i could take the cats (if they are still available) but me and the other residents in the household can barely keep the 7 we have healthy and happy! i have 3 adults and 4 kittens! 2 boy kittens, 2 girl kittens, and 3 girl adults, the adults are jasmine, milo, and nala, the kittens are (females: quail, bee…and (males: crow and lynx….they bring me so much joy! And cat allergys do get very serious! my aunt has cat allergys, and so does my grandmother! lucklly, nobody in my household has cat allergys! P.S. i love your videos, and question: are you british? because you seen british..and i am british and havnt watched a british youtuber(besides you if u are) -One of your fellow subrcribers

  5. As a head's up, the 'rock' that you were talking about in the ball python's enclosure? That's actually a rock-shaped hide! You could see the entrance to the hide on the right side!

    As for the morph, all I can tell is that it definitely has spider in it!

  6. I was able to adapt to my own dog's pet dander and he doesn't make me sneeze or scratch as much anymore if at all.

    But other dogs? The welts begin to grow and the sneezes rise from the depths of my very soul. It's not as bad as it use to be before my lovely Archie. So at least something came out of it haha.

  7. Hey Em- Thank you for sharing another thorough and amazing video, as always! I love how informative you are in segments like these because it spreads awareness to pet owners and people who will potentially receive the animals being advertised. In my opinion, it’s a great non-critical approach in more so providing a reality check for owners who could do some shaping up. Aside from various life circumstances, there are many people who aren’t prepared or knowing of the effort and responsibilities entailed when taking on particular pets… especially exotics. As animal lovers and enthusiasts, we’d love to all think that pet owners would seek resources or assistance, when things like you’ve described get beyond their control. That’s why it’s awesome that we have someone like you that follows up with the solicited adverts, provides pet solutions, and indicates what’s conducive to their proper living environment. Very informative and educational. Very excited for your upcoming latest and greatest content. ❤️

    ~ Matt (“The Pet Guardian”)

  8. Anyone else think she could use some pics/videos of animals with proper husbandry, enclosures, weight? It must get tiring of seeing animals with owners who couldn't do a basic Google search on needs or have just bad breeding to the detriment of the animal.

  9. I think I have you beat on the saddest bp enclosure… my most recent rescue had cedar bedding, a heat rock, an empty water bowl, and a stick which he used to cram himself in between the frame and the screen for any kind of security. No hides, pieces of shed everywhere, and cigarette residue as well. He has a vet visit today to definitively rule out an RI but other than stuck shed, spinal scarring from being fed live, and missing the very tip of his tail he seems to be in great shape. He even ate frozen thawed for the first time after only being with me for three days (I normally wouldn’t offer so soon but I thought I’d try as it was feeding day for everyone else). Now even in his bare bones quarantine enclosure he seems much more confident, he enjoys his three tight hides and even pops his head out to say hi whenever I open his enclosure.

  10. I sadly had to rehome my ferret about 2-3 years ago and I still feel like I smell them sometimes 😂 probably just my mind playing tricks on me but they’re scent definitely lingers haha

  11. The sad thing is that the recently there was a caiman that was recently caught in a pond in Denver. She was just a pet that someone just released into a pond. They named her Ms. Bo Mangles

  12. Hey Em. I think the ball python showed might be a spider pastel lesser just looking at it. Could have some hidden genes to

  13. My worst (realistic) fear is that our future children will be allergic to cats. I know it is no use to worry now but sometimes I think about it when I pet our girls.

  14. Peacocks very much do fly, saw them wild in Israel at Mount Temptation. Before that I saw them around the park of the zoo Point Defiance in Tacoma, WA and I always figured they walked out of the zoo to roam the parking lot when they please….. Didn't realize til I saw them in Israel that they do actually fly and apparently everyone I talk to about it also never knew peacocks fly if they want 🤣🤣🤣🤣 though I can be dumb, I didn't know chickens could fly into the trees for many years…

  15. This video is basically Em just smelling the ferrets (it is so adorable honestly). But like, with breed specific problems regarding dogs, it is so important to find good breeders when it comes to kennels. Kennels will not breed dogs with certain problems- (and obviously, puppy mills are awful)

  16. If I had a cat allergy still or if it got more severe, I would prolly end up dying to my allergies. As a child I was pretty allergic(puffy red eyes that watched and itched, itchy nose, sneeze etc) I would feel miserable, but I wouldn't give up cats. After about 5 my body gave up on the cat allergy. I had 10 at one point. They all lived long 15+ year lives, now I am down to 4. I'm allergic to dogs now, but I still have my 2 Siberian Huskies. This year with them shedding my allergies have been annoying, I sneezed like 40 times in a row one day. I guess though for me, animals are everything. I'm more a cat person then anything, but I love my dogs too. I wouldn't get rid of them. Life without them wouldn't be living to me. I had luck with a ferret though, I had a single ferret who lived to be 7, he was a Marshall's petstore bought ferret who ended up with all kinda of health issues in his 7th year so I had to euthanize him. I have his ashes though.

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