Top 5 SCARY Ghost Videos For NIGHTMARES

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Nukes Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera ! Over 30 minutes of scary ghosts, creepy apparitions, poltergeists, SCARY tiktok videos, AND ghost hunters investigating HAUNTED houses. As always, we check out the full list of paranormal activity, including evps, poltergeists, and the bizarre and supernatural in some of the creepiest scary videos on the internet.

Two ghost hunters experience poltergeist activity and have a strange experience with an apparition while investigating a haunted house. A Youtuber does an overnight challenge at an abandoned place and ends up filming a very scary video. A strange shadow figure that sort of resembles a child ghost shows up while a guy is house sitting. 3 VERY scary TikTok videos : A woman goes on a paranormal investigation at a haunted abandoned asylum and, by complete accident, might have caught some supernatural evidence. We revisit Jen Berari’s haunted house where she captures a creepy EVP and what looks like a little girl ghost is caught on cctv camera. And finally, two guys encounter a strange creature in the woods of Wyoming and after they get flak for their freaked-out reaction , they head back for their own supernatural investigation …It did NOT go well. And alot of other scary videos that I’m probably not remembering! 😉

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  1. That first guy is less believable than I am at 3AM when I’m trying to explain why I’m a prick to my wife. Dude shoulda taken an acting class or two before he filmed. Still, moron is clever enough to fool this channel.

  2. DAMMlT NUKE… am I watching NUKE… or fu*kin CHILLZ?!?

    Whole first 6 minutes wasted for fake vid with the most TYPICAL, seen-it-a-hundred-times standard bad acting.

    Cmon, dude.

  3. That's a candle not a toy,that has happy birthday music on it, we have it for years in our country, basically a fun thing you put on your cake.

  4. Out of ever video you've posted, that clip with the cctv footage of the swing set was the most legit looking and creepy shit I've seen in years.

  5. Honestly,when you are in the middle of the forest and is known as a haunted place,in a cave single at 4 am,why do you run like this if you see a ghost.If he was at his home sleeping all the night,it would not happen.

  6. The guy with the dog Max. Just freaked out over an Owl. Punched up high probably looking for mice in the tunnel. I can't really say much about the toy. Max could of found it and set it off trying to pick it up. People can scare themselves senseless and freak themselves out over lights and shadows. Coming across an animal. When there exploring in some unsettling places. Like a water runoff tunnel. There are some hidden tunnels that hasn't really been explored yet. Very creepy places that people live.

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