Reacting To The Scariest Videos On The Internet #2

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Are you ready to see more of the scariest videos on the internet? This one is honestly terrifying
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  1. The worst part is the spiders falling down, and I literally flinched every time the guy brushed them down with the stick thinking the spiders would land on me.

  2. scared? here’s some tips –
    keep whatever device ur on kind of far away!!
    STAY OUT OF FULLSCREEN!!!!! (unless ur brave as hell 😨)
    look at sean if whatever’s going on is too bad
    it’s okay to look away 🙂
    listen to sean’s little comments
    curl up in a blanket or squeeze a pillow
    hide in the comments or the replies here
    get some food and a drink (stay hydrated!!)

  3. 10:40 theres something in the background theres something in the background theres something in the background theres something in the background

  4. 13:12 there's European cities for you. There so old, that they're built in layers. Buildings on top of buildings on top of buildings. This goes on for hundreds of years, maybe even a thousand.

  5. thanks for that outro sean now im not looking behind me for hours see ppl get that feeling and they look behind them im too scared to look

  6. I believe with the Paris catacombs, they were built during Napoleon's reign of France. Rome also has similar catacombs, so Napoleon modeled the Paris catacombs off of those using grave remains. What's kind of sad though is that those bones were probably pulled from the graves of mass plague and war victims, and those thousands of bodies were dismantled and made up into the walls. We'll probably never know who they were in life either.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong about all this

  7. i believe ghost could be real, mainly cause you cant prove they arent there, and i dont think its easy to prove it either, but in life humans are energy, its what makes us, us and different from one another, but when we die, they energy has to go somewhere, energy cant be created or destroyed, but i some day wanna see it for my self 😀

  8. 5:02

    Those aren't daddy longlegs are harvest men, omnivorous creatures similar to spiders except they don't hunt living things and they're effectively harmless true daddy long legs don't have those bulky circular bodies, they might look a bit creepy but they're completely harmless and are actually extremely important to bumblebees because they carry off dead bees that are thrown out at night which makes it so waist doesn't build up and attract Predators who could be much more threatening to Wild beat

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