Incredible Footage Shows A Ghost Interacting With Katrina! | Paranormal Lockdown

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After Nick has a paranormal experience in one of the rooms of Shrewsbury Prison, he and Katrina capture footage of a strange figure using 3D mapping software.

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  1. Obviously fake. Bruh mapping software can easily be edited using video overlay to mess with the mapping to make it more sensitive to cause it to twitch violently. This can't be faked any worse tbh

  2. It's fake. If the stick figure stays anchored its nothing more than a glitch due to turning up the sensitivity on the kinect

  3. I really hate how nick rush without thinking to take actions in some cases! Knowing it’s very risky, you will see him, just rush to act, anything he hears, he won’t even think! He will just rush to see prolly everything! His inquisition rate is too much that he thinks he is jesus and can solve everything. I’m watching an episode rn and I’m so pissed with how he is going extra miles to catch this spirit. A very bad spirit! Come on think of your family, you keep meeting different spirits and go back home to your family, with demons around you, bringing them to the innocent home! All I’m saying is NICK NEED TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN! He’s doing too much! disgusted

  4. Well, I managed 4 whole seconds. Doing the moving noose trick – with someone just out of shot pulling the fishing line – that early on wasn't a good move.

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