10 Scariest VIDEOS You CANNOT Watch Alone II

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Today we explore Ghosts, ghost hunters, poltergeists, and general paranormal activity all caught on camera. We analyze mysterious and unexplainable events that fans have caught on tape. Mysterious Events are getting caught on tape all around the world.
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  1. Man the pig sounds and crawling thing at 6:30 is pretty damn creepy and idk if this is right or not but isn't it true that pig sounds or the pig and goat are signs of the devil??

  2. KINGFROSTMARE, this video by RICKY VELÀZQUEZ is very good because of the evidence of the ghost boy, but there is another video that he recorded in a house where there lived a witch who did horrible things to people and that one day she died but her spirit remains in the house . So Ricky goes to the house looking for her knowing from neighbors that no one can stay in the house for more than 30 minutes.
    So, inside the house he turns the camera to his side and in the dark he notices the head of something behind him and then the witch appears, which leaves him in a state of terror.

  3. My reaction for the shadow behind the cabinet member ? This Whitehouse is quite Evel, from abortion to ppl dying on the border, I believe it was a real shadow bastard because Evil is in this government.

  4. 1 cgi 2 dead guy 3 person wearing black (who says the flags are against the wall?) 4 Pokey’s ghost (only old people will get that) 5 my mom lives dangerously 6 it’s just boyz to men going on stage 7 that’s a demon! 8 another demon! 9 geeez, why so many demons? 10 fffffreaking me out

  5. Why does everybody always want to put music on that is so loud….we can't hear the whistle, or a groan, when the teams can. Would you PLEASE not play music, even spooky music so we can't HEAR.

  6. You know ghost videos, when it seems that ghost are floading over the floor. They using hoverboard. Look at the first video, he was going back and forward because he could not controll the machine. Really bad prank and ghost video.

  7. What do I think? First of all, I have already seen almost all these videos in other channels some time ago and in my opinion all of them are fake, as usual, but entertaining, which is exactly what I'm looking for. The first video, for instance, was debunked a while ago. It was a practical joke played by co-workers. The last one seems legit, but what do I know? I may be wrong…

  8. Missalishiayen gives credence (Support) to the BAPTIST religion that Dancing is Wrong,Evil and Dangerous. Tictoc videos that show dancers conjuring up Spirits and or Demons while Jirating the human body in strange ways brings out the other side like an ORACLE!

  9. See I've seen that same video of that kid running by and it was two different people! It was a guy and a woman the last time I seen this same clip! So what's the deal? Is most of these just put together and different backstories!? Because I know its the same clip just different people and this happens alot!

  10. For me the #1 ghost capture of all time is shadow dude standing next to Kent's bedroom window, where you can see him turn his legs as he flies out the window, he's usually pictured morphing in motion, that's why it looks like different shapes at times but that capture he was fully formed.

  11. I love you Frostie but I think when you have to brighten, tweak and zoom in that takes it away for me. I like to SEE things not with all the pimping. Stilllove you and will continue watching you. JMO 🇬🇧

  12. The first one; WHY would a "ghost" stop in front of a camera in a hallway? More than once? The one in the tunnel; The people at the end look like a model in s man's button up and high heels FXed in

  13. The capture of the group of people walking in the tunnels. It looks like a group of men walking in high heels. That’s why they’re walking so weird.

  14. The one that has a supposed whistling ghost, with the background music and effects you cannot hear it at all, maybe turn off the background stuff when there is audio evidence to hear?

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