This Clever Custom Ford Transit Build Smartly put $$$ where it mattered most! (Full Tour & Cost)

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Today we have a special guest, Dutch from The Bug Wall, who has come all the way over from Myrtle Beach to install a special upgrade in Dora! While here, Dutch was kind enough to give us a full tour of his very clever family oriented van build in his Ford Transit. Not only does Dutch have some great ideas for places to save money, but he also has some super nice parts to the build like his full shower, modular bed, and upgraded exterior!

The Bug Wall:
Flamebuster Fire Extinguisher:


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  1. Great video on the van I’m in the process of changing my transit layout since I’ve been more focused on Mountain Bikes than moto and i spend more time staying in the van for races….I looked at the Bug Wall was apprehensive about purchasing but after getting the story of his business it started much like my own so I can’t wait to place my order

  2. That’s super cool. I hope the van market comes back down so I can do this some day. Lots of great ideas from this. Thanks bro 🤘🏻🤙🏻

  3. If I buy a van, I’ve been most interested in the Ford. I like it comes with AWD. It was cool to see his build.

  4. Living in a mountain town, I have grown to kind of hate vanlifers (went for a walk with my toddler and we literally watched someone try to dump a toilet in our neighborhood dumpster and miss, then just drive away), but every time I see a van on your channel, I see the good side and start thinking, "well, maybe."

  5. Is that bed liner on the hood or a wrap on the hood? IF wrap, what brand? We have a 2018 Ford Transit 250 148 MR and finished it a year ago. We love it and have an extensive van build series on our YouTube channel. We had some great partners like FVCO, ICECO and Ecoflow and they helped us create a beautiful functional camper for this retired couple.

  6. Im 6 foot 3. Bought a Transit Connect today. I won't be as much a van guy as y'all but I am looking for a mount that I can bolt to the deck without removing a wheel. Plus, I ride road, so something universal.

  7. Thanks for sharing this, it’s always great seeing how different everyone designs their setup!
    We might have to invest in the big wall since ours seems to be inviting the little blood suckers in, got to love Minnesota summers!

  8. I'm a MTB noob, and I love your biking videos, but videos about your van, and just your adventures in general (like the one with your father) are just as good. Keep em coming man!

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