YouTubers React To Homelander Killing Black Noir | The Boys S3 Ep8 (Finale) Reaction Mashup

YouTubers React To Homelander Killing Black Noir | The Boys S3 Ep8 (Finale) Reaction Mashup
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  1. This is crazy though meave,starlight and black noir was the only decent people in the seven everyone else was just bad people but even if noir told homie he wouldn't have believed him any way

  2. if Noir died with a smile since he saw the animals and Homelander removed his mask I wonder what went through his head

  3. They do this to all the black characters. They will never give a Black character over a White CHARACTER. Never even though science says we are stronger & Better

  4. They said he was really dead but I’m not sure if they said it was permanent. Although another Noir is going to take his place apparently what if the original will come back later in the series along with soldier boy. I really think they’re feud is not over yet. That’s why I believe the 4th season will focus more on Homelander and his son. This will probably important because Homelander will go through a change and become more like father. When Soldier boy is released his son will finally have his respect. Once they team up the original Noir will be back somehow to help stop them.

  5. As a solid guess?
    Noir got brain'd, and came back from a nut-allergy induced coma (explained as being medically a vegetable).

    Most likely Noir is an analogy, to Deadpool at this point, especially with the meta commentary from the delusion cartoons

  6. Everytime you think Homelander is the most despicable evil mischievous human being that ever lived…

    He then sets new standards to his level.

  7. i hope he's still alive i mean he survived without a piece of his brain a super terrorist was literally a living bomb and did partially nothing to him i hope he did survive

  8. if he's seriously dead, this is a nonsense death from the writers, they've created a whole storyline about him and soldier guy, and now he's killed by homelander … speechless

  9. The show creators are cowards. It's going to turn out next season that he's still alive.They've turned the Boys into nothing but diet DC.

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