Stray Dog Collapses on Woman's Porch and Slowly Turns into the Most Beautiful Puppy | The Dodo

Stray Dog Collapses on Woman's Porch and Slowly Turns into the Most Beautiful Puppy | The Dodo
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People were trying to chase this stray dog out of their neighborhood but two women decided to find him a loving home instead.

Special thanks to Lisa Arturo and Lisa Chiarelli for sharing this story with us! You can follow them both on Instagram: and

To help Lisa Arturo save more dogs, visit:

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  1. He was asking for help and thank the lord you guys were able to save him. Look how beautiful his transformation is, seriously, just a beautiful soul right there ♥️

  2. You know what’s funny… These people will kill for an animal, all the while looking the other way from people in need. How many homeless people are in LA… that is the real sad story. Not this BS, yall are peddling!

  3. Thank you to the lady who called you all and got him help. Thank you to your team for saving him & taking care of him. I’m glad he found a loving family. ❤️

  4. 🙏God bless the people who helped this dog! May many more people continue to do the right things for pets and humans. The world needs more harsher punishments for anyone who mistreats any type of animals.

  5. I find it unbelievable that people have the audacity to do something like this to throw rocks at a dog and to hurt animals!! It really does sicken me. I find it amazing though that people will take care of dogs and animals and do everything they can to give animals one last glimmer of chance 🍀.

    In the video it says ‘I know dogs can recover emotionally’ but I wanted to point out that after facing this abuse the dogs will never be the same no matter what happens after. My grandparents are foster parents they look after children who have been in difficult situations, they also have one dog which they have adopted. The previous owners of the dog Aa used the dog and hurt her and anytime I go to my grandparents house the dog will hide under the table the dog is 15 years old and got adopted 12 years ago. Although things can get better they can never fully re-mend.

    Just be kind to everyone human or animal we all have feelings and thoughts but just be kind!

  6. I hate most people and this is one perfect reason as to why! Throwing rocks at a homeless dog in need of food and water and love????!


  7. Thank you to everyone who helped to save this precious boy. If everyone, just once in their life would save just one animal this world would be a better place for them.

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