SCARY Videos: MEGA Compilation of 2022, V4

SCARY Videos: MEGA Compilation of 2022, V4
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We compiled the Top 25 SCARY Videos of 2022 so far. The result is a TERRIFYING compilation of Ghost Videos you’ll find VERY hard to explain! [Fancy PART 3 Next? Here:]

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  1. In the clip where the woman is being carried across the threshold, it has been “debunked”. There were two friends greeting the couple on their return home. One was filming, the other was already inside the house. When the woman looked around the door to see if the couple was coming inside, she saw they were being filmed and quickly retreated behind the door so she wouldn’t be in the picture. The woman commented on this same video on a different channel.

  2. You guys deserve more subs! Your editing is SO good!! I was wondering where you get your filler clips from? I wanted to start doing some documentary stuff for school.

  3. I'm just 100% sure that you said of the doll, Rosemary, that "she's even handy with a d#@$."¿?
    Now relax, that's nothing mean- I understand that word means other things than it means in the US, like breakfast of some kind or something?
    Anyway, with all those rules it sure takes all the fun out of even relatively innocent joking & whatnot… it really sounds like kinda a witch hunt, & I also really feel rubbed the wrong way by broad spectrum, vaguely defined censorship- like, is just mentioning this going to be considered "mean"? Gotta politely air grievances.
    I spose the response to this posting will determine the future of my subscriptions, & hopefully others will use this as measuring tool as well.
    Otherwise great video guys! Definitely collaborate again some time.

  4. Number 14, the Jo Brown video was debunked. The person who looks like a ghost, actually claimed it was her. She said she saw they were taking photos and so she hid in order to not be in the photo. However there is another odd “thing” in the window apparently. You can’t see the window in this certain footage, as you’ve zoomed in too much.


    since i have seen anomalies that matched those displayed by the two, kenneled dogs, here's how it came into being, after the strange conclusions which have made the 'shock dog' effect a recognizable, and common behavior (usually seen in groups); in the solo animals, rarely was the jerky twitching & semi-paranoia performed in isolated conditions – less isolation (allowed to hear other 'dogs' played over an input line), and the levered psychology increased in frequency for the animal patients (a varied spectrum of domestic pet types).. the pets, as opposed to semi-feral or ruminant beasts, expressed to a high rate (the barking, groans & yelps) often said to be out of character for that specific kind of 'shock dog' tantrum..

    unable to invite regular ghost volunteers, no similarities between an outburst being connected to paranormal activity was pursued, nor was any possibilities ruled-out (as people had told their stories in this light, as they majority thought it to be a reaction to an unseen presence, but, that has become a baseline of normal discussion , as for animals and our own children).. aside of any probable, theoretic causes, there had been more than a single active expressor in any group (spontaneously erupting with no apparent leaders), but, more often, the sequencing of chain reactions were notably very common (in groups) & occurred with
    a strange 'exactness' of the timing for solo occurrences, still a mystery as to how they communicate such intent to the other 'solo' subjects..

    so, when it comes to 'shock dog' incidents, there was a cauldronful of reasons ranging from stress, anxiety, existing conditions & desire to return back home, even seizures which pulled those few from testing.. on the main cause of this wild, misunderstood reaction by all animals, to some degree (wild or savage beasts were not extensively observed), the averages of those listed, above , made us see no chance for single dominion of any category – unless it actually resides within paranormal experiments & the mysterious parameters such scenarios would surely generate.. although none were endorsed nor denied, some conductors, with their own personal dealings, are willing to accommodate any spirit or entity willing to further these apparently incomplete statistics..

    when a group began their barking (non-tantrum), the 'shock dog' has already begun (visible to the trained eye) & will scale up at random or in a sporadic pattern that differs in each of the dramatic expressors – but, in each case, one might swear to how that behavior makes every event appear as if tricky spirits had secretly come & just never clocked-in..
    in my opinion, too much dog-psychology was tapered into the places that were lacking any possible redemptions or were out of the range we were made to trawl around in; the very clinical report & less than proper height limits resulted in a low esteem of confidence, and conclusions it infers, were hashed out, previously, under the same circumstances, that which would naturally render nothing brilliant, over said, older status..

    wondering why wilderness creatures seem to be immune to being in that 'haunted & latched' position, nor do they appear to sense anything.. it is possible that wild 'shock' tolerances are meteoric, or beast is inure, perhaps they find such energies to be no threat – our own fear, actually, can easily make empyrean monsters from things that will barely qualify as a molehill & was populated by termites 12 decade, ago… at home, i might prepare for trouble in hearing all of the dogs barking, but if one is acting contrary, prepare for maybe unseen presence (because physical dangers will not create 'shock dog') past such instinct to focus on their immediate threat by an living intruder (definitely, for dogs).. on the out path, if you happen to see all of your dogs in 'shock tantrum' mode, this could break the theoretic barrier, as it never occurred, but, logically that reaction was considered, due to the chain-reaction effect, which did.!!

    ~ e p i l o g u e ~
    "in the quoting that pets &
    kids can see ghosts, it has
    clues pointing there, but if
    a child grows to ignore all
    of the 'teachings', around
    the environment, doing so
    would likely come to adult,
    still retain the spookvision,
    and perhaps be thought of,
    incorrectly, as autistic..!!"

  6. To the pair doing the Ouija board in the basement.. they did the thing they're not supposed to do and that's take ur fingers off the planchette? And they never said goodbye… They played with fire they got burnt.. AND you should NEVER EVER do it in ur own home.

  7. I watch GP videos late at night at all the time, but this was the first time i craved pancakes at 12 midnigbt while I watched, and from now on, i will only watch GP late at night with 🥞 and i suggest all of you try it too! You will thank me!!!

  8. you all ask for the stuff to happen when people play with things that are not to messy with so getting ghosts or evil things you all brought it on yourselfs sick to death on hearing oh but we didnt no so on you get back what you all put out

  9. get your pets out i hate people putting there pets in these cages i dont care what excuse people say why there dogs have to be trapped in there all animals should be free love to see every human who put there dogs or any other pets be trapped in there would be screaming to get out well animals cant speak so i speak for them all get rid of the cages all over the world

  10. I bet most can all be proved to be fake and If properly inspected by people who dont belive in these kind of things, the so called haunted items won't do anything or the request will be refused .
    video footage that shows unexpected things on full inspection can generally show obvious reasons.
    Now before anyone gets upset over the years I have seen these kind of things proved beyond doubt to be fake or pranks.
    I have lived in buildings older than the hills with chequerd pasts with various ghost sightings
    And yes the atmosphere is odd but if you go looking you can find the real reasons behind most things.
    I have also slept in places that the average person wouldn't dream of including 2 old morgues and nothing disturbed my sleep.

    there are always going to be the very odd thing that can't be explained at this moment in time but eventually will be.

  11. No. 20 @ 17:07 Quote: "Tea bag poltergeist at Whitstable Nutrition Centre exposed as fake by TV magicians Barry Jones and Stuart MacLed for The Happenings"

  12. Lesson learned from mistakes ouaji board is not game and is nothing to play with it you do it wrong way you will unleash imagination terror from demonic evil forces please leave the ouaji board alone

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