me when technoblade died #shorts #technoblade #dreansmp #dream #dream_smp

me when technoblade died #shorts #technoblade #dreansmp #dream #dream_smp
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Technoblade has Died.. (did he deserve it?)

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Technoblade “so long nerds” is the funniest minecraft video ever..
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Technoblade deserved to die (the cancer was very pro) #technoblade #technobladedeath #riptechnoblade #minecraft #funny
technoblade #technobladecancer #technobladedeath RIP BOZO


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  1. Respect the dead for when your time comes the living will treat you for how you treated the dead when you were filled with mortality

  2. Whoever liked this video
    Yourll are pure evil

    Other ppl across the internet are moking his death this has to stop have yourll ever heard of karma

    Don't worry your turn is next

  3. I hate the dream smp and dream… But I don't care WHO dies (besides trump and hitler) it's disrespectful to whoever it is… Even if you don't like technoblade

  4. Ew why are you disrespecting a dead person? Are you that bored? You could have just made a we miss you technoblade video instead you made this crap.

  5. Ok, thats actually not funny. He was an idol to many, and even if you disliked him, there's no point in posting a video about disrespecting him.

  6. Please think of the the family who is in grief and delete that

    This is really mean ans disrepectfull

    Maybe you didn't liked him, but it's definitely not a reason to be such an ass

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